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Like Berlin, Vienna‘s clubbing crowd favors techno as its track of choice at the dance floors.

Vienna, it’s considered the metropolis of music. Even as the majority have classical tune and schnitzel in thoughts when considering the Austrian capital, it virtually has a lot more to offer. This tour guide for techno fanatics takes you into the neighborhood electronic music scene and introduces you to real hotspots and need-to-visits. Here are some of the incredible nightclubs to listen to during its stay.

1) DonauTechno Vienna

Donau Techno Vienna

DonauTechno Vienna is the classical atmosphere always has a charm that modern places can never have. Such places are, nowadays hard to find. If you are one of those people who like to cherish the antiquity and class, DonauTechno would serve you just right. Visit it alone or along with your homies, you will find this place equally amazing. DonauTechno has served Viennese people with plenty of entertainment over the years. This club is not just a place to hang out, this is a vibe; a feeling; a passion that captivates your senses wholly.

2) Grelle Forelle Vienna

Grelle Forelle Vienna

Grelle Forelle Vienna is exclusively an electronic music club. All those who are from the 9th district of Vienna or live elsewhere in the city should come here to find the most eclectic collection of electronic music. Besides music, the ambiance along with many other noticeable features serves you right to make your night brighter. This club has a vibe that embraces every visitor with such a warmth that keeps you elated all the while you are at Grelle Forelle. As we say Grelle Forelle is a special place for a special place, no ordinaires can stand it.

3) Arena 34 Vienna

Arena 34 Vienna

Arena 34 Vienna presents you the elegance from the entrance up to the dance floor, bars, and private areas. Partying with sophistication has been Arena 34’s known style for more than 15 years. Each night is more reveling than the previous one. Arena 34 has become the limelight of Vienna’s nightlife. You’re not going to find the best spot like Arena 34 for your next night out. Bring your squad along to party like a certified partyer.

4) Club Schwarzenberg Vienna

Club Schwarzenberg Vienna

Club Schwarzenberg Vienna is totally for them. The crowd goes literally crazy over the outrageous fun happening at Club Schwarzenberg. If you deem yourself brave enough to relish the modern fun, visit Club Schwarzenberg. Don’t think twice if you wanna recommend this night club to your friends. You’d only be appreciated for introducing them to such a lavish place for their night out. One thing is for certain that Club Schwarzenberg has redefined the nightlife in Vienna.

5) Club U Vienna

Club U Vienna

Club U Vienna is situated at the center of Vienna which makes it a well-located club of the city. This place is all about great ambiance, amazing crowd, and a non-stop fun all the time. This is one of those rare places where you will find 24/7 ongoing fun. Besides several other features of Club U, its cultural-historical aspect is the most auspicious one. If you haven’t been to Club U, you can’t imagine what you have been missing out until you visit it for yourself. And once you have visited Club U, you are gonna wanna come back over and over again.

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Techno isn’t new to the Austrian city. While techno grew large in the 90ies, Vienna was a critical playground for clubbers. Vienna has a protracted and illustrious tune adventure, and it is a perfect destination if you are seeking out an area to exit in Europe. Human beings describe Vienna as the capital of music, and its legacy lives on in the cultural diversity and all the particular features the metropolis gives. Vienna nightlife is unpretentious, and you may get to sense the precise flavor of clubbing and famous song patterns. They may rate low entry prices, and techno is a piece of popular music. But, various song patterns play there too, and you could experience a drink of your choice at the same time as within the town.

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