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It’s no secret that Vienians like to stay and party out overdue. And we do mean past due. Nightlife in Viennais not all about state-of-the-art wine bars and cutting side cocktails. The town’s underground clubs draw their crowd, who find their glad region among decal-covered partitions, hypnotic lighting fixtures, loud tunes, and low ceilings. These basement spots are the places where you one way or the other land up at 4 am for that ‘one final drink,’ earlier than you seek out a 24-hour eating place and get in touch with it a morning. Here are our selections of the exceptional bars in Vienna that are trending proper now.

1) Chelsea Vienna

Chelsea Vienna

Chelsea Vienna has served its customers with powerful music for 25 years. Those who love concerts would find this place perfectly matched with their moods. You will find concerts and beer in plenty along with the amiable ambiance. Have you been thinking about where to go for your night out? Think no more and hit the Chelsea club tonight to have a cherishing experience. Bring your squad along if you want to double up on the fun. The real fun awaits you at Chelsea!

2) Club Village Vienna

Club Village Vienna

Club Village Vienna has won the hearts across Vienna since it was started in 2015. Since the day it was founded, this place has never offered anything less than reveling fun and luxurious entertainment. Weekends at Club Village are the most frivolous than could have been anywhere else in the town. Have you been yearning to join the outrageous fun? If yes, then Club Village has plenty of it for you. Bring your homies along or come all by yourself, your desire will not go unmet. Here, you get more than what you wish for.

3) U4 Vienna

U4 Vienna

U4 Vienna is not for the faint-hearted people. Those who are young at heart and rejoice the parties and everything about them would find this place welcoming and embracing. The partiers in Vienna have been relishing the party nights thrown by U4 Vienna in the last three decades. It’s a history U4 Vienna has made in these thirty years by serving the party lovers and night owls in U4 Vienna. Come along with your friends’ squad to double up the fun dose. We believe that fun shouldn’t be restricted to some days only but everyone should have access to the fun all the days and nights.

4) Vie I Pee Vienna

Vie I Pee Vienna

Vie I Pee Vienna brings you that. The faint-hearted must stay away from this night club as e have a superfluous dose of fun for you all. That’s the ultimate destination for the ultimate party lovers. We do the party in a style which no one else dares to do in the whole town. Recommend this place to your friends without any fear as Vie I Pee has never disappointed its visitors in all those years of its history and we are committed to bringing you more in the coming years.

5) Scotch Club Vienna

Scotch Club Vienna

Scotch Club Vienna brings you all dear Viennese all those elements which blend up to create the magical nights for you. Experience the magic at Scotch Club which doesn’t any day throughout the week. Don’t shy away from your emerging yearning to have a night out during the week when Scotch Club has it all for you. Bring your friends or recommend this place to your boss, you won’t regret referring us.

6) Volksgarten Vienna

Volksgarten Vienna

Volksgarten Vienna  is just the right place for you. Don’t forget to bring your homies if you want to double up the fun dose. The homies always make everything more amusing than it really – a universally accepted fact it is. Well, Volksgarten has the fun in superfluous amount. Think about the doubled dose of this fun. You might get astonished at what you get to experience at Volksgarten.

7) Roter Engel Vienna

Roter Engel Vienna

Roter Engel Vienna is one such place. Roter Engel has won the hearts of Viennese partiers. Since the day it was founded, Roter Engel has been filling the souls with musical fun. People have always loved this night club. This is a known fact by now that you will never leave the exit door with a sad face. We cheer you up, by all means, we have on our hands. We dearly entertain you with drinks, music, atmosphere, and much more. Come, see the reveling fun happening every night at Roter Engel.

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The nightlife in the city of Vienna has become a group of sophisticated hot spots that attract big crowds of traffic and locals. The sleek interiors, first-class food, movie star DJs, and innovative cocktails are all massive draw playing cards; however, what is specific and splendid about the bars in Vienna is that they open during the day for coffee, snacks, or cakes. The nocturnally inclined want no longer fear, as they remain open until very, very late.

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