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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Vienna

1) Vie I Pie Vienna

If you are looking for a pure mischievous party environment in Vienna, Vie I Pee brings you that. The faint-hearted must stay away from this night club as e have a superfluous dose of fun for you all. That’s the ultimate destination for the ultimate party lovers. We do the party in a style which no one else dares to do in the whole town. Recommend this place to your friends without any fear as Vie I Pee has never disappointed its visitors in all those years of its history and we are committed to bringing you more in the coming years.

2) Viper Room Vienna

Viper Room is all about music, drinks, and pleasure. Are you up for all these things? If you just nodded your head then you must have no fear to visit this night club even if it’s for once in your lifetime. You are going to love what you see and experience at the Viper Room. This night club is not just a night club but it’s the heartthrob of the night owls in Vienna. Bring your nocturnal friends along with you to satiate your thirst for fun. Don’t shy away from your needs to have pleasure as we acknowledge and empathize with you on a deeper level – the proof you can find by visiting us only.

3) Arena 34 Vienna

Arena 34 presents you the elegance from the entrance up to the dance floor, bars, and private areas. Partying with sophistication has been Arena 34’s known style for more than 15 years. Each night is more reveling than the previous one. Arena 34 has become the limelight of Vienna’s nightlife. You’re not going to find the best spot like Arena 34 for your next night out. Bring your squad along to party like a certified partyer.

4) Säulenhalle Vienna

Säulenhalle could have been the synonym to the class, glory, and grandeur if the partiers could make amendments to the languages. Säulenhalle has introduced a new kind of realm of nightlife in Vienna and Viennese people can’t get enough of this place. Since the day it started, Säulenhalle has always filled the souls with the perfect dose of fun. The partying vibes at Säulenhalle are exclusive to this place only. If it seems unbelievable, we insist you come to visit us and find out the truth for yourself.

5) Scotch Club Vienna

Yes. You deserve to cherish the type of fun which seems forbidden. Scotch Club brings you all dear Viennese all those elements which blend up to create the magical nights for you. Experience the magic at Scotch Club which doesn’t any day throughout the week. Don’t shy away from your emerging yearning to have a night out during the week when Scotch Club has it all for you. Bring your friends or recommend this place to your boss, you won’t regret referring us.

6) Roter Engel Vienna

A place to love, a place to cherish – Roter Engel is one such place. Roter Engel has won the hearts of Viennese partiers. Since the day it was founded, Roter Engel has been filling the souls with musical fun. People have always loved this night club. This is a known fact by now that you will never leave the exit door with a sad face. We cheer you up, by all means, we have on our hands. We dearly entertain you with drinks, music, atmosphere, and much more. Come, see the reveling fun happening every night at Roter Engel.

7) Salzbar Vienna

The dominance of glamor prevails at Salzbar night club. If you have a desire to have an enthralling fun at a glamorized place, then Salzbar is the only place that can serve you just right. So, wait not and plan your weekend night with Salzbar and we will provide you with the extra dose of fun. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night – Salzbar is a place with superfluous entertainment. The drinks, music, atmosphere, and the crowd keep you energized all night long. Those who are thirsty for a fun-filled will get to satiate their burning desire/s.

8) Queerbeat Vienna

Just like other rejoiced night clubs in Vienna, Queerbeat is also committed to serving its visitors with a well-deserved dose of fun. Queerbeat has been pouring the sheer entertainment in the empty vessel of Vienna’s nightlife. Partiers love to come by at Queerbeat over and over again. If you visit this night club once it is very likely that you might get addicted to the fun presented here. The live performances, drinks, ambiance, and the most beautiful crowd from around the Vienna are some of the highlighted features of the Queerbeat night club.

9) The Loft Vienna

The Loft is unlike those highly stylish night clubs with such and such restrictions. Rather we promote the casualness and love to welcome and serve such people. It’s been a decade The Loft has been the favorite night-out spot for the free souls from across the Vienna. The Loft has blessed Vienna with the classic entertainment wrapped in sweet casualness. The easy-going philosophy behind The Loft makes it wonderful in many aspects – especially the event diversity that is exclusive to The Loft nightclub. If you are to visit this place, embrace yourself to be surprised a little followed by an endless spree of entertainment.

10) Tresor Club Vienna

When glamor and glory come together, incredible things like Tresor Club happen in the world. We have it all for you to light up your dark nights. After the long tiring week, everybody deserves to have a rightful dose of fun. Yes, Tresor Club empathizes with all those fun-thirsty souls and has enough of the fun and entertainment bout to keep everyone satiated. It all starts with one drink and then you get indulged in the immense pleasure exclusively found at Tresor Club. Blessed are those who have allowed themselves to have such pleasure and Tresor Club doesn’t keep you from such blissful pleasure.

11) TuesdayClub Vienna

TuesdayClub – as the name indicates opens on Tuesday. All those night owls who have been beaten by the crushing Monday blues deserve a treat on Tuesday. So, if you are also one of those beaten guys/gals, TuesdayClub is here for you every Tuesday. This night club lets you forget all your tiring thoughts along with the killing boredom and monotony. Fill your selves with the rightful amount of fun to keep going through the rest of the week like a pro. Having fun is a way out to your suppressed negativity, so have it with us every Tuesday night until dawn breaks into the morning.

12) Heart Club Vienna

Heart Club is the ultimate good news for night owls in Vienna. The unique, advanced ambiance has got every party-animal in the house. Heart Club empathized with Viennese people’s need to have some go-to-place when there’s an unstoppable urge to have a thrilling night out experience. Heart Club is one of the newest nightclubs in Vienna which has instantly won over the hearts of partiers. Come over to see the reveling nights at Heart Club, along with your party, special person, or an old friend.

13) Flex Vienna

Vienna – a city filled with artistic legacy is also rich in the nightlife. Flex is one of the auspicious clubs in Vienna. This club has been serving the Viennese crowd for more than two decades. Since 1995, Flex has always impressed everyone who visited this place. Located by the river, Flex gives you a vast view of calm waters. If you have been thinking to have a great time somewhere, no place could serve you better than Flex. There we have eye-catching graffiti walls, drinks, music, a beautiful crowd, and great partying ambiance. What else you need to spend a fully entertained life.

14) Le Club Vienna

Who doesn’t like to party in a chic ambiance? Well. Everybody does want to. Le Club has redefined the nightlife in Vienna. Every partier who wanted to experience something out of the box when it comes to nightlife, Le Club has answered your desires. Come by on your next night out to see the amazing fun happening at Le Club. The brand new idea of this place will never leave you unimpressed by it. Drink, dance, sway or just enjoy being in the exquisite ambiance of Le Club all night club.

15) Prater Dome Vienna

Austria’s undisputed most unique discotheque is Prater Dome where everyone dances like it’s a therapy to cleanse your souls. Prater Dome has always elated the partiers’ souls since the day it was founded. We can bet on this that you hadn’t seen a sheer ambiance you found at Prater Dome elsewhere in Vienna. The crowd is always happier at this night club. This night club has an exclusive vibe that embraces everyone with immense generosity and they feel like being themselves while they are at Prater Dome. Prater Dome – a second name to elegance, style, modernity, and ecstatic entertainment.

16) DonauTechno Vienna

The classical atmosphere always has a charm that modern places can never have. Such places are, nowadays hard to find. If you are one of those people who like to cherish the antiquity and class, DonauTechno would serve you just right. Visit it alone or along with your homies, you will find this place equally amazing. DonauTechno has served Viennese people with plenty of entertainment over the years. This club is not just a place to hang out, this is a vibe; a feeling; a passion that captivates your senses wholly.

17) Fanialive Vienna

Everybody deserves to have fun every day. The colorful ambiance at Fanialive lets you all outrageously have fun. Fanialive is classy, voyeuristic, colorful, and welcoming at the same time. A perfect blend of many sweet things that are only favorable for a fun-filled night. Don’t come alone or else you’ll be guilt-ridden thinking you had all the fun all by yourself without your friends. Bring your party to have an exclusive entertainment all night long. Fanialive has got all for you! Come, visit to see it yourself.

18) Passage Vienna

Located in the inner district of Vienna, Passage is the most rejoiced night club in the town. People love it for its simple futuristic environment and classic ambiance along with several other features of Passage. Those who find bliss in drinks, music, party, and the beautiful crowd – Passage is the right place for them. Bring your exhausted selves to cheer up your moods. You will never leave our exit door with a disappointed feeling. To embrace the outrageous fun, visit Passage with your friends’ squad every Thursday and Saturday. The absolute spot for enthralling fun is Passage.

19) Chelsea Vienna

The most highlighted feature of Vienna’s 8th district – Chelsea has served its customers with powerful music for 25 years. Those who love concerts would find this place perfectly matched with their moods. You will find concerts and beer in plenty along with the amiable ambiance. Have you been thinking about where to go for your night out? Think no more and hit the Chelsea club tonight to have a cherishing experience. Bring your squad along if you want to double up on the fun. The real fun awaits you at Chelsea!

19) Club U Vienna

Club U is situated at the center of Vienna which makes it a well-located club of the city. This place is all about great ambiance, amazing crowd, and a non-stop fun all the time. This is one of those rare places where you will find 24/7 ongoing fun. Besides several other features of Club U, its cultural-historical aspect is the most auspicious one. If you haven’t been to Club U, you can’t imagine what you have been missing out until you visit it for yourself. And once you have visited Club U, you are gonna wanna come back over and over again.

20) Club Village Vienna

Club Village has won the hearts across Vienna since it was started in 2015. Since the day it was founded, this place has never offered anything less than reveling fun and luxurious entertainment. Weekends at Club Village are the most frivolous than could have been anywhere else in the town. Have you been yearning to join the outrageous fun? If yes, then Club Village has plenty of it for you. Bring your homies along or come all by yourself, your desire will not go unmet. Here, you get more than what you wish for.

21) B72 Vienna

Located at Hernalser Gürtelbogen 72-73, B72 shines bright through the night in the city of Vienna. This place welcomes the crowd from all walks of life because we believe that fun should be available to all of us. Are you a music lover? If yes then B72 is just the right place for you. We are notoriously famous for our live music performances. Drinks, music, and the lit ambiance makes the heavenly combo for those who really want to live their nights to the fullest.

22) Babylon Wien Vienna

If you have exclusive inclinations when it comes to having fun, the Babylon Wien is exclusively for you. This nightclub is counted among the most exclusive nightclubs of this world where you can indulge yourself in fun activities which many adults only dream of. This is why you must be warned that this place has been built for those who are daring enough to address their lavish proclivities. The fun awaits you, don’t wait to grab on the most coveted fun.

23) Beverly Hills Club Vienna

Do you love clubbing but with an exclusive touch of sensuality? If yes is your answer. Beverly Hills Club would bring all that you have kept wishing all week long. Bring yourself to this place to have the most coveted entertainment amid the most beautiful ladies who are a true manifestation of Greek goddesses. It’s been more than 2 decades that we have been serving our customers with the extravaganza of true erotic nightlife. As we started in 1992, we are now only a few years away from hitting our 3 decades marking an era of legendary entertainment.

24) U4 Vienna

U4 Vienna is not for the faint-hearted people. Those who are young at heart and rejoice the parties and everything about them would find this place welcoming and embracing. The partiers in Vienna have been relishing the party nights thrown by U4 Vienna in the last three decades. It’s a history U4 Vienna has made in these thirty years by serving the party lovers and night owls in U4 Vienna. Come along with your friends’ squad to double up the fun dose. We believe that fun shouldn’t be restricted to some days only but everyone should have access to the fun all the days and nights.

25) Cabaret Fledermaus Vienna

The Cabaret Fledermaus has been in a forever relationship with music and live performance. From 1907 through the whole century to the next century, this pace has had a close association with the music. Its history has made this place the best cabaret in the city of Vienna which is second to none. if you are a music lover, then this place is exclusively meant for you. Enjoy your night amid the wonderful crowd.

26) Volksgarten Vienna

The true manifestation of a futuristic nightclub in Vienna is Volksgarten only. If you have been thinking about having your night out at a modern place which also lets you party casually then Volksgarten is just the right place for you. Don’t forget to bring your homies if you want to double up the fun dose. The homies always make everything more amusing than it really – a universally accepted fact it is. Well, Volksgarten has the fun in superfluous amount. Think about the doubled dose of this fun. You might get astonished at what you get to experience at Volksgarten.

27) Why Not Vienna

Vienna’s most established and best known gay disco clubs proudly incorporate Why Not Vienna since 1980. The venue is one of the oldest clubs which have kept pace with the changing needs of time throughout their journey. As soon as you enter the venue, the state of the art lighting and sound systems make you feel at a dreamlike, heavenly place where all your fantasies will come true.

28) Club Raina Vienna

Would you like to entertain yourself with some live music? If you desire so, Club Raina brings you the live music on weekends. Vienna’s best nights are happening at Club Raina every weekend. Don’t miss out on the fun Club Raina offers you or you would be missing out on the major highlight of Vienna’s nightlife. Drinks, music, and friendly ambiance; what else would one be needed to light up their night. Drive your wheels to Club Raina this weekend and have a fantastic night.

29) Grelle Forelle Vienna

Did anybody say electronic music? Whoa, Grelle Forelle is exclusively an electronic music club. All those who are from the 9th district of Vienna or live elsewhere in the city should come here to find the most eclectic collection of electronic music. Besides music, the ambiance along with many other noticeable features serves you right to make your night brighter.  This club has a vibe that embraces every visitor with such a warmth that keeps you elated all the while you are at Grelle Forelle. As we say Grelle Forelle is a special place for a special place, no ordinaires can stand it.

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