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1. OMG San Francisco

Gay nightclub in downtown San Francisco. OMG has a full bar with a nicely-lit dome roof and dance floor. This hopping gay hangout that offers a dance floor with a domed ceiling, plus happy hours and drag shows. OMG bar room is huge and spacious. Small but great and comfy gay bar with delicious and strong drinks.

2. Midnight Sun San Francisco

Opened February 12 1971, Midnight Sun is the nation’s premier LGBTQIA + Video bar located in the heart of the Castro. A mixed crowd of bears and sexy guys in tight tees can’t get enough of this black-box video bar, cueing up nightly for happy hour two-for-one drinks until 9pm. After dark, regular events include 1 Up gaming night on Tuesdays, Wednesday night karaoke, and bar-dancing-go-go-boys on Friday and Saturday nights keep the crowd in excellent spirits.

3. 440 Castro San Francisco

Are you looking for an awesome gay bat in San Francisco? 440 Castro is the place to be. 440 Castro is a friendly male gay bar. A flourishing commercial area that acts as San Francisco’s LGBT community center and cultural heart, the Castro is a neighborhood welcome to everyone. As one of the first predominantly LGBT neighborhoods in the United States and currently its largest, it remains one of the epicenters of activism in the nation. Grand theaters and glitzy shops now compete with bars and fashionable eateries for attention, drawing visitors from around the world to the bright rainbow flag acting as its beacon.

4. Twin Peaks Tavern San Francisco

Are you looking for an amazing gay bar in San Francisco? Twin Peaks Tavern is the place to be! Gateway to the Castro – a legend in its own time and the best view of the Castro, any day, any time. Windows to watch the world go by with the unquestionably the neighborhood’s best cocktails, beers on tap, and wines by the glass…. all fashioned in this long established ‘icon’ of the Castro, a changing minute by minute collage of life all seen through the panoramic windows. In the heart of the Castro District San Francisco it’s highly recommended to everyone to go there since it seems to be on a different level of happiness.

5. The Edge San Francisco

Are you looking for an amazing gay bar in San Francisco? The Edge is the place to be. Both themed events and street-facing windows enhance the people-watching scene at this Castro gay bar. Named because it sits at the actual Western edge of the Castro neighborhood, The Edge is a mostly locals-only bar that draws a diverse crowd, in terms of both age and race.

6. Aunt Charlie’s Lounge San Francisco

Aunt Charlie’s Lounge is Eclectic Tenderloin gay bar known for really cheap drinks and drag shows on select evenings.  Aunt Charlie’s Lounge  is open Monday through Friday Noon to Midnight, Saturday 10:00 am to Midnight, and Sunday 10:00 am to Midnight.

7. K-BOX Karaoke San Francisco

Are you looking for an amazing Karaoke spot in San Francisco? K-BOX Karaoke is the place for an amazing karaoke experience. K-BOX Karaoke is located in the Japan Center of San Francisco. K-BOX Karaoke is a warm and casual karaoke bar located in the center of San Francisco. Since 2000, their goal has been to deliver drinks through a painstaking, time-consuming process, using only the finest ingredients to yield the most delicious and unique flavor profiles available. It’s a small, unassuming venue for Korean Karaoke featuring private rooms for singing.

8. The Mint San Francisco

Are you looking for an amazing Karaoke spot in San Francisco? The Mint is the place to head to. The Mint was built to serve a rapidly growing city, and a thriving regional economy, the San Francisco Mint offers a community gathering place that is rich with history – and is now available for your private events. This classical Greek revival style structure has been renovated to accommodate a modern production without losing its historical Grandeur. The old Mint is only open to the public for special events. The Mint Karaoke Lounge has been a favorite Karaoke spot in the city since 1993. This vibrant venue includes a full-service bar and a large stage and it’s open daily from the early afternoon to the early morning.

9. Butter San Francisco

Searching for an amazing karaoke bar in San Francisco? Butter Bar is the place to be! Butter’s bar was created from the ground up, and built around an ‘island bar’. With a constant eye on providing the perfect complimentary beverage pairings to their unique cuisine. They serve only the freshest Pabst Blue Ribbon with a wide selection of other 16 oz. tallboy canned beers. Butter is located at 354 11th street, San Francisco, California 94103 between Folsom and Harrison in San Francisco’s Western Soma District.

10. Eplus Karaoke San Francisco

At Eplus Karaoke & Restaurant they offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try their delicious food. Established in 2010, is one of the original ideas of food and entertainment blended into one entire entity where customers can enjoy all senses of pleasure in one location. Eplus Karaoke operates everyday from 11:00 am – 1:30 am.

11. KJ Paul Karaoke San Francisco

KJ Paul Karaoke is as good as it gets.

12. Festa Wine & Cocktail Lounge San Francisco

Are you looking for an awesome karaoke bar in San Francisco? Festa Wine & Cocktail Lounge is the best live stage karaoke bar in San Francisco. Karaoke with a friend or a group or even by yourself, Festa makes you feel at home in a relaxing and friendly environment. Very cute small bar with great energy. Tucked away in Kinokuniya Mall in San Francisco’s Japantown, Festa Wine & Cocktail Lounge is intimate, but full of energy.

13. DJ Purple Dance Karaoke San Francisco

This is not ordinary karaoke, this is dance karaoke. ‘Dance karaoke’ means high energy. Awesome intelligent stage lighting and pyrotechnic-like special effects make you feel like you’re the star of a real concert.

14. Dueling Pianos at Johnny Foleys San Francisco

Welcome to Johnny Foley’s – your home away from home. Find solace in the heart of downtown San Francisco and enjoy the very best of Irish and Californian cuisine, warm hospitality, libations, and entertainment. Johnny Foley’s features live music in the bar Fridays & Saturdays 10:00 pm – 1:00 am.

15. Noc Noc San Francisco

Noc Noc (Nocturnal Nocturne) was famous for being a strange place for strange people in the 1980s. Since then, it seems like the people have caught up to the music, digging the grooves of industrial sounds and acid jazz that their parents didn’t seem to be hip to. Still notably strange, the walls and ceiling are reminiscent of a velvet painting of a melting star cluster over a neon black sky. Noc Noc is a quirky bar serving beer, wine, & sake in a dimly lit space decked in post-apocalyptic Aboriginal art. Dimly lit with almost like a cavernous interior. Cozy up next to a heat producing, faux, fireplace & relax with a pint of your favorite brew while you ease back and chill to the downtempo grooves. The whole building looks like one huge art project. If there were colonies on Mars, this is what one of its bars might look like. Noc Noc has a weird, friendly atmosphere, and serves wine, sake, and a ton of tasty beers.

16. Supreme Pot San Francisco

Looking for a great karaoke spot in San Francisco? Supreme Pot is the place to be! Established in 2019, Supreme Pot is a hot pot restaurant specialized in all you can eat hot pot and a wide range of drinks and more. Located in a residential neighborhood in Daly City, they’re proud to serve high quality Chinese style hot pot. With 8 different house selected soup bases, over 70 hot pot items, a wide range of house special sauces, and loads of soft drink and alcohol selection, they serve the best. Not only does Supreme Pot have a large seating area, there are four private karaoke rooms with karaoke service. This means that Supreme Pot can accommodate any events or meetings.

17. Local Edition San Francisco

Are you looking for an amazing karaoke bar in San  Francisco? Look no further than Local Edition. Local Edition is a cool speakeasy in the heart of downtown San  Francisco, right on Market Street, super easy to access with public transport. Local Edition is more than just a cocktail bar, it’s a place to relax with friends after a long day’s work, a live music venue and perhaps most importantly. A connection to the history of San Francisco. They’ve plenty of standing space and tables for Walk-Ins. They’re located just before the third street on the market. Just head down the stairs.

18. Boom Boom Room Bar San Francisco

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s old Fillmore district, the club is a sultry, down-home Juke Joint providing cocktails, dancing live blues, Boogie, Groove & Soul Music six nights a week. If you love music and boogying, you’ve gotta get there and party with them. The Boom Boom Room is the hippest, low-light, straight-up funky club on the West Coast. If you have guests from out of town you absolutely have to take them here. Low key venue with a stage towards the back.

19. DNA Lounge Bar San Francisco

DNA Lounge is a late-night, all ages San Francisco nightclub and has been one of San Francisco’s most popular nightclubs for over a quarter century. DNA Lounge has been one of San Francisco’s most popular nightclubs since 1985, hosting an always-electric variety of events, including all ages live music, 18+ dance parties, burlesque shows, lecture series, and private parties. DNA Lounge houses two stages, four dance floors, seven bars, and full service late-night restaurant and cafe. Most recently declared both “Best Dance Club” and “Best Live Music Venue” in the SF Weekly Readers. This is a GREAT concert venue. It’s small enough to have an awesome view everywhere you stand or sit. And for some events it’s all-ages.

20. F8 Nightclub and Bar San Francisco

F8 Nightclub and Bar sits in the heart of SOMA, F8 provides a culture of electronic music ranging from House to Dubste, Electro House to Drum and Bass and much more. F8 Nightclub and Bar is an intimate club that prides itself in its music. Artists like Mr. Carmack, G Jones, Soulection, and Flamingosis have all performed at F8 San Francisco before becoming mainstream. F8 is a gathering spot for the city’s passionate music lovers to watch their favorite artists perform. If having fun is your only agenda, the intimate San Francisco club is the place to leave your inhibitions behind.

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