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1. Trax San Francisco

Looking to have a good time with a chill crowd? Head to Trax Bar in San Francisco! Good gay bar for straight and everyone else. Trax is a cute dive bar in San Francisco. An old bar for sure which provides lots of character and it’s pretty small which makes it intimate. It’s a small, melting-pot bar where gay, straight, and bisexual crowds gather over drinks and rounds of pool. Excellent spot for people watching if you can grab a window seat.

2. The 500 Club San Francisco

The 500 Club is the best dive bar in the area. A sweet spot to hang out with hotties from the neighborhood and catch some local sportsball. The 500 Club is a cozy place to get away from the noise and enjoy yourself. Original leather booths, unfussy drinks and a jukebox packed with rock and country classics make The 500 Club the Mission’s quintessential dive bar experience. This historic spot is something of a landmark, having remained a constant in an area that’s becoming more upscale by the day. Kitch and memorabilia line the walls, and though the pool table has been lost to time, the space’s convivial atmosphere and propensity for slinging draughts without a touch of pretence soldier on.

3. 540 Rogues San Francisco

Are you looking for an amazing Dive bar in San Francisco? Look no further than 540 Rogues. 540 Rogues is a neighborhood place in the inner Richmond for a little hedonism, a little debauchery, and a whole lot of love. 540 Rogues is a new dive bar and hangout in Richmond on Clement Street. The space is modern, chic, and very welcoming. Fun recently renovated bar! They’re so grateful and honoured to bring a piece of Clement Street history back to the community. Worth the trip if you’re not close!

4. Wild Side West San Francisco

The Wild Side West is a truly San Franciscan establishment. Opened in 1962 by out and proud lesbians, Pat Ramseyer and Nancy White, every night is a blend of lesbians, locals, electric, art, and neighborhood sports bar. The Wild Side West moved to its current location in Bernal Heights in 1976. Bernal Heights has become an amazingly welcoming diverse neighborhood that embraces the bar and its GLBT pride. Likewise, the bar owner and staff are actively engaged in the community. The Wild Side West has continued to build up its signature art-covered walls, ceilings, and outdoor sculpture garden. The art pieces have changed and grown organically over the years, and you’ll always see something new or different around.

5. The Cinch San Francisco

The Cinch is a old-guard gay bar with potent drinks, smoking patio, pool, pinball, DJs, and no pretensions. As you pass through the swinging saloon doors, you find this gay dive bar is big and welcoming.

6. Ha-Ra Club San Francisco

If you’re in for some history, reasonably priced drinks, and good time, Ha-Ra Club is the place for you. Ha-Ra Club got its name from Hank and Ralph who opened the place up in 1947. Hank was a Wrestler and Ralph a boxer, they left a lot behind in this TL Watering hole. As you take a look around you’ll see the original art deco front door, pictures from back in the day or the Loaded pistol that was found under the register. Very nicely renovated Dive bar in San Francisco. Fun bar, plenty of space for activities, and there’s a self service water tap in the middle of the room.

7. Last Call Bar San Francisco

Are you looking for an amazing Dive bar in San Francisco? Last Call Bar is the place to be. Last Call Bar is a low-key bar with a fireplace & ’80s soundtrack claiming to have the Castro’s longest happy hour. A little hole in the wall bar for a quick drink on your way home late at night. The bar feels cozy and comfortable to catch up with friends or make it a party. Last Call is part neighborhood dive, part Castro gay bar. Something about the wood paneling and vintage 1970s fire pit make it feel like a hybrid Swiss chalet-Irish pub. Either way, it’s fun, friendly, and drinks are cheap, especially at happy hour, which runs from noon to 7pm everyday.

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