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1. Tempest San Francisco

Are you looking for a stunning dive bar in San Francisco? The Tempest bar is the place to be. Tempest is a friendly, cheap dive bar with great food, great cheap drinks, a pool table, and a no frills atmosphere. There’s a box kitchen with to-go comfort food like chicken and waffles, burgers, nuggets and more; and the accompanying bar is right next door. This place is a great laid-back hidden gem. Highly recommend going there when you want to meet a true local San Francisco native. This place is still crushing it even after all these years and a changing neighborhood.

2. Cresta’s Twenty Two Eleven Club San Francisco

In lookout for an amazing Dive bar in San Francisco? Check out Cresta’s Twenty Two Eleven Club! Cresta’s Twenty Two Eleven Club is a dive bar in an ideal location in San Francisco. It’s a low key neighborhood dive bar. If you want a break from the fast-paced, loud bars in the hood, head here to enjoy a drink with some good conversation.

3. Outer Orbit San Francisco

They love San Francisco and they love Hawaii and at Outer Orbit you can experience this Hapa culture. They love their Hawaii-influenced food, craft beer, their synthy-gothic-punk music, local pinball community, and chill vibes. You may not find some of their dishes in Hawaii just as you won’t find every Hawaii dish at  Outer Orbit, and that is a good thing. The dream of two Bernal locals Elisabeth and Christian opened Outer Orbit in 2018 to share their passion of food, beer, and pinball with their community, Christian hails from Hawaii and both he and Elisabeth are in love with what’s happening in the Hawaii food scene.

4. ELEMENTS Bar & Lounge San Francisco

An innovative multi-level culinary destination with French Flair that offers four distinct modern dining experiences under one roof and is the vision of James Beard Award – winning Chef/Partner Claude Le Tohic. It’s an intimate lounge with a bar and some lounge seatings.

5. Del Mar San Francisco

Del Mar is a tropically inspired bar and lounge location in the heart of the Marina District of San Francisco, CA. The venue’s design features a custom jungle print wallpaper mural by Flavor Paper, hand built swings and swing chairs, a spray painted surf mural by local artist Camera1, a hand sanded 14 ft natural edge walnut slab communal table, and a bar as well as a back bar refaced with special order Shou Sugi Ban Cypress from Delta Millboards in Texas; where each piece of wood was specifically milled, burned and then painted by hand for the project.

6. The Rumpus Room San Francisco

Art-minded watering hole serving cocktails and beer in vintage-cool digs with a photo booth. Great hole in the wall. Great dive bar with great prices. The photo booth in the very back is a great way to remember your night. . Convenient to grab a drink before heading to a show at the Golden Gate Theater. This art deco themed bar is located in the downtown /SOMA area at 6th and Market. They have a lovely long bar that serves up classic cocktails to basic beer and shots.

7. The Butterfly Lounge San Francisco

Are you looking for a unique spot in San Francisco? The Butterfly Lounge is the place to be. This beautiful spot is ideal for those looking to explore San Francisco. The Butterfly Lounge is a small but unique bar hidden away in the first floor of Hotel Majestic. The cocktails are the real star here, everything is handcrafted, unique, and so delicious. Good neighborhood spot for a low-key night.

8. Pineapple Bistro & Bar San Francisco

Are you looking for a unique bar in San Francisco? Look no further than Pineapple Bistro & Bar. Easy start to the day! Great coffee, selection of teas, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries. Pineapple Bistro and bar is well-located, within easy walking of nearly all of downtown San Francisco.

9. Lobby Bar San Francisco

Lobby Bar is a brand new, sultry cocktail bar and restaurant in the heart of the Castro. Lobby Bar has large windows that overlook the Embarcadero and Downtown San Francisco, the Lobby Bar is perfect for casual cocktail hours for small groups of 20 or 30, or rent out the whole space entirely for a group of 80.

10. Soda Popinski’s Bar San Francisco

Soda Popinski is a fresh-faced Nob Hill drinkery sporting a hardwood bar, leather barstools, hunting trophies, (including a black bear shot by one of the owners’ grandpas), and multiple flat-screens hooked up to a variety of vintage consoles. Join them for a few spins on Wheel (If you feel lucky) and a throwback to the classics days of video gaming. With Soda Popinski combined 25 years in the bar and service industries, Tonic Beverage catering delivers a lively atmosphere and impeccable service at exceptional value.

11. Kava Bar San Francisco

Kava Bar is one of the only spaces in San Francisco that open early and close late that serves non-alcoholic beverages in an inviting social environment. Excellent spot, one of a kind in the city.

12. Viridian San Francisco

Are you looking for a unique spot in San Francisco? Viridian bar is the place to be. Viridian represents a vision of creating a design-centric space for innovative craft cocktails, contemporary, local farm-driven food, elevated desserts inspired by Asian-American nostalgia. Viridian’s fluid and airly space is designed by Anna Lee and Brandon Jew of Soon and Soon Studio, Michelin-starred Mister Jiu’s Moongate Lounge, and Mamahuhu. Driven by modern culinary technique with Northern California influences, their food, pastry, and beverage programs are led and created by Michelin industry veterans. Viridian is, hands down, the best cocktail bar and has the best staff in the Bay.

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