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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Ibiza

1. Amante Beach Club Ibiza

Beaches, everybody loves to be there! Well, if you too love to be at the beaches and love to party at the beach, we have got you covered. Amante Beach Club is for all those who love the beaches and everything about partying and/or dining at the beach.

2. Bagatelle Ibiza

One of the latest contributions by the Bagatelle stable that also includes lavish eateries in New York, Dubai, Miami, St. Barth, St. Tropez, Rio de Janeiro, Punta del Este, Monte Carlo, and Sao Paulo is ‘Bagatelle Ibiza’. The core of Bagatelle Ibiza is analogous to other eateries of the brand – providing unique, luxurious, and lavish dining in a dazzling beachfront and pool setting. Especially for Bagatelle Ibiza, it means beach and sun in an environment where that celebrationof your life is only some moments away. This brand-new eatery was just inaugurated in June 2017, hence, it is still establishing its feet and creating a clientele. The delectable food combined with a picturesque setting has proved to be an instant hit so far.

3. Nassau Beach Club Ibiza

Inaugurated in 2008, Nassau Beach Club is comparatively veteran among its contemporary bars and clubs in Playa de’nBossa. It is one of the most beautiful, vibrant, and unique venues that combine both modern qualities and Balearic charm; merge together to just to bring the isle an original and ideal beachside hangout. Apart from being home to a beach bar, Tepanyaki lounge, and restaurant, Nassau also owns a splendid fashion boutique. It makes an ideal party place hosting its original events all through the year.

4. Cafe Mambo Ibiza

Café Mambo was once a small Ibizan house before it transformed into one of the most paramount and iconic bars and restaurants on San Antonio’s eminent sunset strip. Launched by Javier Anadon in 1994, Café Mambo has since boomed and extended to become the most talked about venue in Ibiza and San Antonio alike. Café Mambo does not only provide the sunset trip with a treasured spot that only serves up delectable food but also a venue for locals and tourists to cherish music from internationally acclaimed DJs and musicians. The DJ booth, which is placed behind the tables overlooking the main walkway is taken over by Solomun, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar, Guy Gerber in an average week. This brings an unsurpassed environment that together with the mesmerizing scenery will arguably take you to a make-believe paradise.

5. Cafe Del Mar Ibiza

Inaugurated in 1980, Café del Mar soon established its name as one of the most cherished spots in Ibiza in bringing together incredible sunsets, sensational music, gastronomic food, and fun. 30 years have been passed and Café del Mar is still treasured and respected as a lively acme of the sundown strip. In some recent years, many new sunset bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and lounges such as Kanya, Savannah, Mint, and Mambo join Café de Mar. In spite of this, however, Café del Mar is successful in retaining its position amidst devoted Ibiza partygoers as the best and original sunset bar. And it is all on account of the simple notion behind it – sit by the seashore, admire the splendid sunsets, embrace the electric and ambient soundtracks by the most acknowledged DJs in the bar. It is also a pioneer in releasing its chill-out music compilation albums yearly since 1994.

6. Plastik Ibiza

Plastik has gone through the gradual transformations from Levi’s outlet to a record shop and a workers’ bar before it established as the popular bar and mini club, which is now considered as one of the focal points of the island workers’ scene in San Antonio. Plastik is proud for delivering an unmatched VIP experience together with a personalized touch in the core of Ibiza’s no. one party town. Ever since its inauguration in 2002, Plastic has been a meeting spot for clubbers and celebs. who opt for a more glam place to dance. The whole notion behind Plastik is to give its patrons total satisfaction. From its unique atmosphere to the drink menu and music policy, Plastik is all set to deliver you a fair entertainment that also remains on your budget. Plastik guarantees you a night that you will fail to forget.

7. Santos Ibiza

Find the Santos Ibiza Club at the quiet end of Playa de’n Bossa coastline strip, overlooking the Mediterranean in all its gleaming glory. It is actually a club with its two hotels that boast modern-day apartments. It also has a colossal pool area, serviced by an excellent bar that extends delicious and thirst-quenching cocktails right to your daybeds.

8. Kanya Beach Ibiza 

Kanya Beach is for the people who are in the hunt for a prodigious and phenomenal bar to watch the sunset, eat the food par excellence, and listen to some chill-out tunes. Kanya Beach sits at the end of the boulevard, which runs along the beautiful shoreline of San Antonio if you’re standing vertical on the Sunset Strip overlooking the sea. Kanya Beach enjoys an awe-inspiring and stunning view of the most famed Ibiza sunset and serves as an ideal venue to relax and recline while enjoying a thirst-quenching cocktail or a gastronomic and romantic dinner. Kanya Beach gets filled with people in the evening as the sky turns orange as the sun makes its way beneath the horizon.

9. Blue Marlin Ibiza 

Find Blue Marlin in the lovely Cala Jondal Bay. Blue Marlin welcomes guests every day from May till October. With the passing time, Blue Marlin has become the key to live the Ibiza-VIP-style up and has gained so much popularity that they have launched an official Blue Marlin water taxicab service, used to shuttle the exclusive clients from their intimate yachts to the bar. Blue Marlin is also accessible by automobiles and extends both nighttime and daytime fun.

10. Destino Ibiza 

With all-embracing, inclusive, and scenic views, Destino is a picture-perfect venue to experience the true spirit of the White Island. Delight in a wholesome lunch/dinner and decompress in a hot tub later on. Complement your meal with a gratifying cocktail. As the sun goes down, stretch out to get rehydrated on the iconic leaves inside the pool. Destino Pacha Resort is one of the latest additions to the Pacha Group. Originated in 2013, Destino is located on the high cliffs of Cap Martinet right above Talamanca resort, with breathtaking and awe-inspiring views towards Formentera and over Ibiza Town.

11. Hard Rock Ibiza 

The Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza is located in a fashionable and elegant resort of Playa de’n Bossa along with many more standard hotels, restaurants, and venues, appearing every season. Hard Rock is just a quick taxi ride from Ibiza town, right along the long beach with a wide range of lounge and chill-out bars, close to popular clubs such as Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza.

12. Ocean Beach Ibiza

Inaugurated in June 2012, Ocean Beach Ibiza (now, O Beach Ibiza) got an immediate fame and successfully filled the gap in San Antonio outdoor party spots by submitting the kind of fizzy and bubbling poolside fun, the western island had been lacking at that time. It is famed for throwing the decadent and stylish pool parties on regular intervals ever since. Resultantly, O Beach Ibiza has become a must-visit venue for anyone requiring to pop open the vodka and champagne, lounge on a VIP sunbed, or just splash around playing and dancing in the pool – whilst taking the mid-afternoon sunbath.

13. Malibu Beach Club Ibiza

Malibu Beach Club is a symbolic establishment, a heavenly place, located in one of the most privileged and affluent beaches of las Salinas, surrounded by parks, washed by the clear waters, is an emblematic reference – bringing together the characters of a picturesque island and the most judicious palates. Malibu Beach Club embraces you and proffers all the commitment and enthusiasm, to ensure you will not fail to remember the experience.

14. Jockey Club Ibiza

Salinas, one of the Ibiza’s most paramount and prominent beaches, has now become a family-friendly resort. It enjoys an unmatched level of coolness. One of the integral parts of Salinas friendliness and coolness is the scattering of absolute and impartial beach resorts and one such club is the epitome of welcoming and warm attitude is the Jockey Club. Being located on the protected national park of Salinas; Jockey Club also rolls in the declaration of Ibiza as one of the world heritage. The notorious prancing horse embraces all the comers while offering family-friendly and professional services in a most stylish way.

15. Bora Bora Ibiza 

Named after perhaps, one of the most awe-inspiring and divine island locations across the world in the Pacific Ocean, Bora Bora is the definitive and ultimate beach bar that has conquered over a sublime balance between bar, club, and beach. Bora Bora is not so new as it is actually one of those ventures, which are around long before the island became the point of disembarkation it is today.

16. Nikki Beach Ibiza 

Tucked away on a splendacious and luxurious beachfront on Santa Eulalia, Ibiza; Nikki Beach Ibiza deliver its guests an ultramodern and dapper venue to play. Overlooking the awe-inspiring Balearic sea, Nikki Beach Club comprises a signature beachside club, a natty lifestyle boutique, and an A1 restaurant.

17. Ushuaia Ibiza 

Fond of daytime clubbing and watching out for the best place in Ibiza? Check out Ushuaïa Ibiza at your earliest. Ushuaïa has established its name for bringing up the long-held heritage of outdoor day-time clubbing back to the isle.

18. Heart Ibiza 

Being Ibiza’s latest clubbing, art, and dining temple – Heart Ibiza is a pleasure den of leisure, fun, and free-spiritedness. Heart Ibiza is located in the heart of Ibiza, creating a fusion between music, gastronomy, and art by the Cirque du Soleil and the Adria brothers. Hence, Heart is the exclusive place where one can enjoy the expertise of Adria brothers, the spell working of Cirque du Soleil and the unmatched swank of the clubbing experience.

19. Swag Ibiza 

SWAG being the urban movement in Ibiza represents the outspoken and versatile people. Offering a mix of various kinds of urban music putting together, the best Latin, Hip Hop beats Trap, Relegation, and whatever one may wish for. This movement welcomes all sort of audiences that want to make the most out of the latest urban hits. The fashion style of Swag includes high couture, heels, caps, tees, and kicks. Swag maintains its exclusivity in hosting the internationally famed musicians and performances solely within the urban heritage.

20. Cova Santa Ibiza 

Having set in the breathtaking Ibiza countryside and being put up around a primeval cave; Cova Santa is an absolute and exclusive tourist attraction. It was discovered back in the 15th century before it opened to the people in 1957. It gained so much fame in the early nineties on account of its beautiful and vast event location along with an awe-inspiring restaurant, after-dinner dancing, and flamenco dancing shows.

21. Underground Ibiza 

Lying between Privilege and Amnesia, Underground remains out of sight for the most part yet it is the most sought-after gem for the fun-seekers. What makes this club stand apart from the rest of the lot is its haunt where the surroundings are calm and quiet and the music does all the talking. So, for the locals and the residents, it is an open fun secret. Outstanding line-ups, low-key parties and off the beaten tracks are the most captivating features appealing the major chunk of the visitors. Additionally, entrance fee to this heavenly club is nominal and the visitors are served with the most-awaited drink right after they step into this paradise. What more one can ever wish for!

22. Benimussa Park Ibiza 

Watching out for one of the most unique and quirky outdoor spaces in Ibiza? So, it could be none other than Benimussa Park. It is exclusive on the island. Benimussa Park is home to the world-recognized Zoo Project parties. Benimussa Park kicked off in 1975 as a Zoological Garden. Being the largest open-air Zoo of Ibiza, It covers the area of more than 50,000 m2. It is one of the magical places to experience the most fun and original summer events. Benimussa has successfully conducted the weekly events like The Zoo Project, which is an emblem of the isle, for 10 long years.

23. Sankeys Ibiza 

Sankeys started in the UK and earned huge fame there. Then it opened another branch in Ibiza back in 2011. Here too, Sankeys has got heavyweight recognition and love since it kicked off. People who want best night outs come here and Sankeys serves them to its fullest in providing them next-level pleasure. It is nothing less than a paradise for underground dance music lovers.

24. The Zoo Project Ibiza 

The Zoo Project has been an exclusive and one of a kind event in Ibiza for a long time now. The Zoo Project incarnates an open-air ethos with dance, music, artistic displays, performances, and unique energy in an exclusive setting.

25. Privilege Ibiza 

Ibiza is arguably blessed to have the ‘World’s Biggest Club” is its lap. However, such a privilege does not prepare you for the actual range of what you are going to face with Privilege. With two gigantic and monumental arenas, Privilege caters for all its guests. The Main Room – it is nothing less than an aircraft hangar that could engulf the most of the other clubs in Ibiza, wholly. The Vista Club – it is encased by glass via floor-to-ceiling windows – irradiating the room with a gorgeous view of Ibiza Town. Privilege’s Vista Club has become a paradise for techno and house raves. It is renowned for giving the grandiose and spectacular views as no other club can.

26. DC10 Ibiza 

The unique style of partying at DC10 has been sustained over the years since the place was opened first in 1990. If you want to witness a relic in the world of partying, DC10 is the place you should be at, as this place has kept the originality of the party environment alive.

27. Amnesia Ibiza 

Want to have some bizarre, exceptional, and freakish night experience? Then Amnesia is a must-visit club on your bucket list. A club that makes the quintessence of Ibiza’s history. The club where the most paramount artists, DJs, and musicians show up more often than not, where the most avant-garde parties take place regularly. Amnesia is a trademark that for years is synonymous with never-ending nights of state-of-the-art, wild parties for all types of music and dance fanatics.

28. Ibiza Rocks 

In 2005, the brains behind Ibiza Rocks came up with an electrical notion – they were wanting to escort live music to the island. Being bored with the typical commercial direction, they wanted something novel and better than the superstar DJs and super clubs. With this idea in mind, they invited the true antagonists for Ibiza clubland – Babyshambles and Pete Doherty – for playing a beach party. People said that it would not work but it actually turned the world on its head. It was what the Ibiza needed.

29. Pacha Ibiza 

Pacha, a term that has committed to serving the fun-lovers ever since it has commenced its journey. Amid the island of Ibiza, Pacha is like another island discovered only it’s the thrill-filled one. 1973 was the year of Pacha’s production and the spirit has never come down from the altitudes of magical amusement which was experienced here on the initiation.

30. Hi Ibiza 

Are you a party reveler in Ibiza? This totally means you need to have to go to some extraordinary party. Then your hunt has ended because Hi, multi-award winning club is just the place for you to be. The place opened in 2017 and since then ithas been lightening up the summers of party goers.

31. Eden Ibiza 

Once called Star Club, Eden has now become a superclub of the island of Ibiza. Eden possesses one of the best sound systems in the whole town. Not only the best music system but also the interior of the club is astoundingly awesome. The whole inside of the club has been remade in the recent past. The new architecture and the aesthetics that have been implemented to the club have rendered a brand new charm to Eden.

32. Es Paradis Ibiza 

EsParadis have been nurturing its relationship with the partying and those who love everything about parties, since 1975. So, we take pride in saying that we excel at clubbing experience, the stay at EsParadis would let you have a heavenly clubbing adventure. EsParadis, one of the oldest clubs in Ibiza, is also known for its original and exclusive interior décor which makes it an iconic club of the island. The roof’s pyramid design looks spectacular which adds to the magical interior of EsParadis.

33. Sa Trinxa Ibiza 

The seaside views are bright and sweeping, whilst the restaurant’s décor is relaxed, beachy and colorful, which gives the feeling of another discreet and modern setting. The food menu is varied and fresh with the thirst-quenching cocktails and drinks. In a true holiday style, the food is brought to you in a tray right on the beach. On account of its exceptionally wonderful views, Sa Trinxa is a famous spot on Salinas beach for enjoying the wildest and remotest natural settings altogether with graceful and statuesque bodies. It is a place where beauty, healthy food, and good music merge together to extend you one of the most paramount Mediterranean beaches.

34. Cotton Beach Club Ibiza 

Ibiza is a home to the world’s most paramount beach restaurants and clubs. Another must-visit is the luxurious and all-white Cotton Beach Club – located along the western shoreline of Ibiza. Inaugurated in 2014, Cotton Beach Club is nothing less than the epitome of White Isle style. Visit Cotton Beach Club for gorgeous sea views, great food and cocktails, the sensation of the stunning Ibiza sunset, and the pleasant Mediterranean breeze. There is a DJ playing relaxing Ibiza music, most of the time. Visit Cotton Beach Club to chill out, eat, and drink in a true island style in the day or even after the beach hours.

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