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Club La Casota is a Latin dance club and Nightclub situated in Colorado Springs. It is run by the owner, who refers to himself as DJ Bigotes. Yes, the owner is also the DJ here in this Nightclub. This club gets a lot of attention and traffic from its local Latin patrons. There is no specific dress code implemented as many patrons and guests visit in casual or semi-formal outfits. So feel free to choose your favorite comfort outfit to see Club La Casota. Alcohol and liquor are provided at the venue as there is a bar with a collection of vodka, beer, cocktails, and whiskey. The entry ticket cost varies, and it has been reported to be in the range of 20 dollars to 50 dollars. Club La Casota is a Latin club, and its music playlist has various influential forms of Latin Music. Club La Casota is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The working days of Club La Casota are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and the operational hours of Club La Casota are all day and night during the weekend. The most successful factor of Club La Casota is that it is a gracious host to many local and foreign Latin bands, performers, and music artists. Some of these artists and group who breathed life into the dance nights with their live music are: La Fuerza, Basi Rodriguez, Group La Noche, Caballos, Conjunto Alegria De Rancho, De Seados, LAFE, Gruperismo 719, Revelacion De Ojinaga and Los Del Violincito. Club La Casota has primarily positive reviews by its patrons, and there are some unhappy customers. Some have described it as “My place to have a great time.” The staff and the nightlife experience have been regarded as very welcoming. Going once is not doing justice to this Nightclub, and going again is a must. The music playlist, considered a great mixer of different genres with Latin music had received its due praise. On the contrary, some patrons have reported that the staff did not clean the girl’s restroom correctly. Since the previous night, there was a puddle of water in a stall with an unhygienic condition. Since Club La Casota is open the three days of the weekend, there are cases of timely due cleaning, and there was a case reported about the table being full when empty drinks are supposed to be placed when consumed by the patrons.


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