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Jazz-Funk Connection Colorado Springs, Guide & Review

Jazz Funk Connection is a nightclub and a jam house situated in Colorado Springs. It is a live music venue plus DJ music venue that musicians initiated to interact and jam with more musicians and for everyone fond of hearing them together! There is no dress code at Jazz-Funk Connection. Be there in your casual or semi-formal outfits; all that matters is the music, drinks, dancing, friends, and food. Booze is available at the venue, with a sizzling addition of Barbecue that goes along with it.

Along with putting out the venue to musicians, R&B is a recurring musical influence heard at Jazz-Funk Connection. The platform is closed on Mondays and Sundays. On Tuesdays, dinner is offered until 6 pm – 8 pm. Wednesdays are for the JFC local jam, and this is also open to jam sessions with any musicians! Thursday night is ladies’ night with drinks at half price between 6 pm -10 pm. Funky Fridays has the DJ playing the requested songs and favorite jams from 8 pm – 2 am, including a unique 90s music entry. Saturday Nights are full of Jazz and R&B with much old-school music to vibe and dance! There is a significant performance stage that is 12′ x 24′. The sound engineer-run sound system has been a source of praise for the venue, not just by other musicians but also by the patrons, with respect to the size of the platform. Jazz-Funk Connection offers a dancing space on some nights and also provides seating for up to 100 individuals. For those who want to hear the music and the performances from afar, a VIP area gives them precisely that. It is called a “First Class” experience there. That is an eye-level view of the performances with seating and a ‘Specials’ menu of items only available to the VIP patrons with drinks at half the price!

Jazz-Funk Connection hosts some of the best local R&B, Smooth Jazz, and Blues performers every week! An Award-winning chef runs the food service, and it’s referred to as ‘Shandelicious BBQ.’ The kitchen provides some of the best fall-off-the-bone BBQ ribs, and their farm-raised catfish have had much praise. The community reviews of Jazz-funk Connection are overwhelmingly positive! The food, especially the catfish fillets, is a major hit with the patrons. The side orders in the menu have been praised as well.

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