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The Mansion Colorado Springs, Guide & Review

The Mansion is a nightclub in Colorado Springs, but it was not always a nightclub. In 1885 the Railroad magnate James John Hagerman contributed to the development of The Hagerman Mansion situated at Colorado springs. This venue, in the beginning, was intended as luxury housing for a family. That changed in 1899 and over the years till date. Several new wings have been constructed throughout the transition of the Mansion building, which is part of it today.

Today, The Mansion functions as a Nightclub with VIP service and an exquisite level of charm and service for its patrons. The benefits include outdoor sitting, VIP bottle service, freshly made food considered homemade with a styled restaurant variety, and a dancefloor with music nights. There are no deliveries or takeaways offered. The operational hours of The Mansion are 9 pm to 2 am. There is a dress code to be followed at this venue today, or else entry is not permitted. As made clear by the owner in response to a client, the dress code includes no solid red or blue shoes and hats. These colors are associated with gangs active in the region, and it is an attempt to disregard gang activity inside the club. According to some who have been to The Mansion, plain tees, sweat pants, jogging shoes, hats, and sports jerseys were not allowed.

The Mansion can be considered a classy nightclub because of its nightlife experience. The Mansion offers a premium VIP bottle service and caters to bookings and reservations. This venue doesn’t make itself stand out with a specific music style, and it has been said to be offering EDM and Hip Hop music around the dance floor. The Mansion offers a memorable experience to the ladies on Thursdays, and the Nightclub then offers no cover on entry. There have been quite a bit of mixed reviews regarding The Mansion and its virtual footprint. Many visitors have shared that the experience at The Mansion was magical, with the soup and seafood being quite delicious. The service has been reported to be terrific. The homely atmosphere of The Mansion provides the guests to relax after a rough working day. Now, on the contrary, there have been some cases where the staff has been unpleasant. The hygiene of the dance floor has been a concern for some who visited The Mansion.

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Racist Interaction with Employee

Rated 1 out of 5
June 19, 2022

If I could give a zero rating I would. I been going to the Mansion Club for three years being stationed here at Fort Carson, CO as a 20 year military service member. I never like to pass judgement of an establishment by one employee professionalism but this was the most disrespectful and racist interactions I have every had as a consumer at any business. I waited for a drink at the bar for 30 minutes. as the bartender served other costumers that arrived at the bar after me. Other customers expressed to this bartender that I was there before them and the BLUE HAIRED WHITE FEMALE Bartender on the first floor on 18JUN2022 stated, “there is three other bars you can go to.” As a black man in this country I am sensitive to racism and discrimination. This bartender was so comfortably rude and disrespectful that my wife and I left and we will never return due to her disrespect and customer service.

Jack Prosper

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