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Cowboys Nightclub Colorado Springs, Guide & Review

Cowboys Nightclub in Colorado Springs was established back in 1986. The club now has a three-story building with an exciting package of services for its guests! The Nightclub functions three days a week. On Wednesdays, it is dedicated for all adults who are 18+, and the doors open up at 7 pm. The Nightclub is dedicated to 21+ adults on Fridays and Saturdays, with the doors opening up at 6 pm. The dress code at Cowboys Nightclub has no restriction. It is free to wear anything and has quite a unique atmosphere of fine dining. This venue has a vast alcohol sector with ten full bars ready for service to its guests. As mentioned on their Facebook page, they have a wide variety of liquor, alcohol, and beer. Being a Cowboys Nightclub, music playlists contain many rock music, Country music, and Hip Hop music. Cowboys Nightclub advertises itself as three levels of the fun experience. Considering there are three stories in the building, there are many activities available for the guests to enjoy! For the ground level, the dance floor is a vast accommodation and the biggest attraction. On the second floor and third floor, there is a lot more offered! Mechanical Bull Challenge is available for you and your friends to take! Multiple pool tables are available for a contesting or a jolly experience when ascended to the second floor. Ax Throwing is provided, making the venue more exciting! Skee Ball and Ping Pong are also provided for the utmost level of entertainment.

A Karaoke Bar is also available to sing your hearts out! The most significant plus point is the fine dining experience, and the food takes the nightlife experience to another level! From appetizers like Chicken Nachos, Chips and Salsa, Cheese Sticks with Fries and Rolled Taquitos to various Sandwiches and Pizzas; Cowboys Nightclub has quite an exhilarating food experience. Their best and most famous food includes Prime Rib Sandwich, Buffalo Burger, Chicken Quesadilla, Steak Quesadilla, and Steak plus fries. Cowboys Nightclub has an overwhelmingly positive response from the community and all those who have been to the club. According to some reviews, the dance floor is terrific with fantastic lighting and the music enhancing the nightlife experience. The staff is said to be not just friendly, helpful but excellent at their job, especially bartenders. Some nights drinks are served free till midnight!


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