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Latin Quarters Colorado Springs, Guide & Review

Latin Quarters is a dance club and a nightclub located in Colorado Springs. It is famous for its Latin music style dance nights in Colorado Springs. There is no strict dress code assigned at Latin Quarters. You are free to wear your casual clothes or any club outfit you see fit to dance the night away! Alcohol and liquor are available on the premises and are provided by the venue to its patrons. There is a full bar present with a lot of cocktails ready to be served. Music influences at Latin Quarters include various forms of Latin Music, especially the most played and popular one: Reggaeton. The Nightclub is operational only two days a week. Friday and Saturday are the days you wish to be at Latin Quarters.

Starting from 8:00 pm till 2:30 am, partying and dancing go on. Latin Quarters defines an easy-going nightclub featuring Latin music, dancing, theme nights, and weekly salsa lessons! With the casual and free-hand dress code, alcoholic beverages, and an exhilarating dance floor, Latin Quarters is an easy-going nightclub that is an excellent option for any Latin individuals or lovers of Latin dance styles. This venue has hosted quite a lot of events featuring unique and renowned DJs. For example, DJ Carolina and DJ D”ale have hosted dance nights at this venue. DJ Carolina is a famous Latin DJ, and she loves to play mixes and beats with Latin Reggaeton influences. DJ D” ale, on the other hand, has his focus towards Latin music influence mixed with electronic effects and faster electronic dance music beats. Latin Quarters is an ideal place for anyone fond of Latin influence, Latin music, and of course, partying! This venue not only offers services of nightlife nature but also provides dance classes. These classes are offered only on Fridays, and their timing is between 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm. The dance classes include a variety of Latin dance styles. In weekly classes, dance styles like Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Cumbia, and Reggaeton are taught by an expert Latin Dancer as shared on Latin Quarter’s Facebook feed. The reviews for Latin Quarters are primarily positive, and some people haven’t had quite the happiest night of their lives. The music, drinks, dance floor, and bar have been complimented a ton, and this club is referred to as the only legit Latin nightclub by a patron.

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