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Fiesta Plop Buenos Aires, Guide & Review

The gay community has a central party spot, and that’s Fiesta Plop. Come join the fun and live a unique clubbing experience you have never had before. In Plop, every night is a theme party. Be prepared to marvel at the opening music of the night. The dancers stole the show with their elaborate costumes. From cosplaying anime characters to dressing up as Romeo and Juliet – you name it, and certainly, this disco has already made a party out of it. After the show, approach the bar and start drinking; Plop has a vanilla libre — in other words, an open bar. Be prepared to go out at night with the animals of the party you may encounter. Hopefully, this will be a night you will never forget. Saturday nights are great in this city: all the big clubs in Costanera are bustling, and they often attract more people than the ones in Palermo and the center. Jet is one of the most popular, modern, and world-renowned, so it attracts great DJs. Imagine dormant living rooms and VIP leather booths with large multicolored dance floors, all covered with bright neon pink, electro-house beats, and dazzling light show off the stage. This place is special, so dress well. Enjoy the view over the mesmerizing river as the sun rises, illuminating the expensive boats strapped to the harbor. If you can, go with a local person to help with your entry opportunities. Some of the favorite places for serious dance parties near Costanera include Tequila and Brandy. If you are looking for another way to the big clubs, just stick to the bars: try Anasagasti Bar in Palermo for something gorgeous, or Gibraltar Bar in San Telmo for something more comfortable (but very busy).

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