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Rosebar Buenos Aires, Guide & Review

Located in Palermo Soho, Rosebar is the fashionable nightclub of the season. Adorned with its magnificent European style, come and blend a bottle of champagne with your friends in the VIP category. The disco hosts national and international DJs, giving the public a variety of styles and rhythms. It is common in Buenos Aires to see people lovingly kissing on the corners of a living room — in fact, and it is part of clubbing. Opened late last year, Rose In Rio has become a major entertainment center near Costanera Norte. On Good Vibes Friday, you will actually feel like you are in a fashion club somewhere in Australia, with more reggaeton names and a DJ with brighter characters than you were used to. The venue attracts fashionable porteños (if very young), with a large stage, numerous dance venues, and riverbeds. It has a number of different levels, both architectural and metaphorical: imagine a loud drum and bass, a rave packed to the brim, and a very cool dance floor.

Only one word is needed to describe Rosebar, and that is Reggaeton. Reggaeton is a form of Latin / Caribbean urban music, usually in Spanish. So, basically Spanish pop music. Set in the heart of Palermo, it is no surprise that on Friday night, the place is famous, and there is a reason why it delights everyone. Although the style of dress is usually the smartest thing most people do, there are some things to keep in mind. For $ 200 ARS, you can free yourself from the dance floor. With these kinds of songs blasting all night, it is hard to have a bad time; next, you know, you will be rocking at 7 am.

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