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Jet nightclub Buenos Aires, Guide & Review

Jet is what we would call the ‘creme de la creme’ of Buenos Aires. It is one of the most special nights in Buenos Aires, and there is a beautiful herd. You can expect to see the height of the community entering these doors. So for those of you who want to dress up to nines, then this is the place to be and to be seen. Its amazing location, built over Rio de la Plata, provides a clubbing experience for the ‘first.’ Equipped with the best sound technology around, the DJs will soon make you lose the sense of time dancing to their electronic mixes.

Jet is the leading club in the city that creates a new feeling of nightlife for tourists. It is one of the most popular youth parties in town. The club offers a beautiful view of the sea and makes the audience enjoy their night by creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Known as Buenos Aires nightclub, this is one of the unique resorts in the city. Entry is forbidden that your only chance to enter is in the hands of Pancho – the PR guy at the door. In Buenos Aires, fashion should be taken seriously, so it is not surprising that clubs like Jet have a strict dress code policy. The most popular disco club in Argentina offers plenty of fun events to enjoy your night in the city. It is an important and exciting nightclub visited mainly by local people. DJs play electro and Spanish music, as well as pop songs, to entertain their audience.

Opened only last year, Jet offers a variety of national and international shows to combine different styles and artistic expressions and become one of the best nightclubs in Buenos Aires.

Make sure to put on your best clothes and wear them to impress. Visited by Buenos Aires celebrities and celebrities, Jet is definitely the club you would like to be in. Still, the cake top is its idea. In the backyard, the open-air dance area is the most impressive backyard of Rio de La Plata and its beautiful canoes.

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