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Ink Buenos Aires , Guide & Review

Located on Coronel Niceto Vega Avenue, Palermo Quarter, INK Club offers nightclub features and a restaurant. Situated on an area of ​​750 m2, it has two floors, three bars, two VIP areas, and comfortable tables and seating characterized by minimal decoration. There is also a smoking area, which is very important for those who do not want to spend the night without their favorite cigarettes. Start your evening at the restaurant with a magnificent style lounge, taste delicious food from the club menu, and then dance around the club all night long. Argentina is famous for dinner, so dinner starts at 10 pm and lasts until 1am, when the disco starts.


Prices are high, but Buenos Aires is a less expensive city. It is certain that the INK Club provides an excellent service for the elite chicks of Buenos Aires. As a result, you can meet many soccer players, followed by many silicone blonds, many celebrities, and Argentine TV stars.

At 11:30 PM you will enjoy fascinating and humorous performances – participating in comedy with a rapidly changing cast of actors, musicians, witches, and, as well as variété. Therefore, INK offers a combination of cabaret, a small theater, lounge, restaurant, and discothèque, and is ideal for those who do not want to change places overnight and prefer to spend the night in one place only. So, start enjoying a delicious dinner, great concerts, and keep dancing until the end of the hours! Continuous trance beats, Pop music of the 80s & 90s, Reggaeton, House music and commercial dance, high light & sound system, and large screens over the dance floor; will transform this restaurant and lounge bar into an amazing nightclub after 1 AM!

The Ink Club also offers the opportunity to organize private groups.

If you are part of a Buenos Aires chick class, or you are a tourist and want a one-night stand, the doors of the Ink Club are open for you! Bieber was spotted with parties at Ink Buenos Aires. But this low-lying lounge is not just a nightclub, it is a well-respected dining spot. Music and runway shows will accompany your dinner and serve as a taste for the upcoming party. After a few drinks, leave all your restraints behind and dance around the pole like Argentine TV stars. Enjoy Pop, reggaeton, and house music at this Palermo-style disco.

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