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Terrazas del Este Buenos Aires, Guide & Review

Reggaeton, Dance-pop, Cumbia, hip hop, whatever your style, just choose one dance venue. With a capacity of 3000 people, Terrazas del Este is the largest nightclub in Costanera. Full of 10 different bars and four dance floors, good luck finding your friends if you get lost. At the moment, among the coolest Argentine people, tourists from all over the world and bartenders are known for the warmth of this vibrant nightclub. Finish your Wednesday in the best way you can, dance in Terrazas del Este behind the office (at 18: 30hs). Or just ponente en pedo (drunk) on Terrazas’ riverside and make your Saturday a fairy tale night. Costanera Norte

What may have begun as an innocent love of post-work drinks has become a full-fledged cultural reform in the city. ‘After Office’ parties are usually Wednesday and Thursday nights, starting in the morning (around 7 pm) and wrapping up around 3 am. One of the best places in the city is the Terrazas Del Este, a large club on the north side of the Costanera (like the promenade, near the Rio de La Plata beach). Below are ten dance bars; you can choose basically what kind of night you want to have: 40 high heels for the night, or one spent dancing to cumbia and reggaeton with fashion porteños. The best part is that, if you go, you can take a breath of beer and choripan (basically an Argentine hotdog) to a retailer near the Costanera. The Buenos Aires nightclub aims to delight the younger audience with live music events, delicious cocktails, and a super fun vibe. Friday night is the most popular day to visit this nightclub in Buenos Aires.

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