Hip Hop Clubs in Melbourne

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Melbourne. (More in-depth further below)

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Hip hop to some people may be simple and not big of a musical genre, but it is many things to so many people than just simple! The emotional content that it conveys is rather huge! Hip hop is a way of telling stories, it is a way of expressing your love, anger, anxiety, or fear. It is at a whole new level when it comes down to understanding people and connecting with them. Besides feeling it deep in your soul, hip hop does make the hardest of us break into dancing! And what’s better than to dance and feel connected at the aesthetic Hip Hop clubs! Given below is the list of top Hip Hop clubs in the beautiful city of Australia, Melbourne.

1. Chaise Lounge Melbourne

Chaise Lounge is one of Melbourne’s unique spot for music, entertainment, and relaxation. The club is a renowned hotspot for hip-hop music, including dance and live performances. And if you’re one who not only loves hip-hop, but cherishes a serene environment for family relaxation, Chaise Lounge is a wonderful venue that suits that description. As the early evening sets into nightfall, the wonderful club turns to a quaint, cool, and sensational night venue you so sought for.

2. Key Club Melbourne 

If you’re around Chinatown in any Friday or Saturday night, the Key Club is where you need to get a breather. Actually, you wouldn’t be in the area without noticing the favourite nightlife venue. Therefore, turn your somber nights into gaily evenings filled with entertainment, and that is only at the Key Club. The club area is large, featuring a sizeable terrace that links into a lounge; the lounge eventually leading to the dance floor which occupies much of the main room. There are adjoining private and high roller booths provisioned to ensure comfort to the corporate executives and VIPs regular in the clubhouse. Among countless others, the Key Club has hosted several celebs like Rae Sremmurd, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Mars, Future, Tyson Beckford, and Tinashe. An indoor garden room and two decorated bars rounds off the spaces within the venue. The comfort ensured there by the managers couldn’t less be evident.

3. Club Retro Melbourne

One of Melbourne’s best run nightlife venue, Club Retro is a favorable spot for night relaxation and entertainment alike. Located within the bustling CBD, the club had been and continues to be a choice venue for drinks and private functions thanks for the convenience of three dancefloors it has. Wednesdays are for ground-floor entertainment or a reveling at the rooftop bar. This starts by 4 am. On Fridays and Saturdays, the venue gets into full bustling, and as its name entails, retro sounds are played all night. A defined spot it is for any who could muster strength to spend some happy hours with the crowd.

In Conclusion

Clubs mentioned above namely Chaise Lounge, Key Club, and Club Retro are first-line Hip Hop clubs you will find in Melbourne. The alluring nightlife of this gorgeous city has its own charm.

Hope the information we have compiled helped you in some way. Give your heels a life and suit a breath, get ready and break a leg!