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Wanna shake your booty to some Rumba Zumba? How about we help you decide just the right place for you. We have gathered all the details of the premier Latin clubs in Melbourne. Latin music touches a vast musical genre. From American, Columbian, Mexican to Puerto Rican, Brazilian, Chile, and plenty more musical styles mashed together with a pinch of salsa, samba, or reggaeton and the cheary crowd can make anyone fall in love with Latin music! Check out the following venues where you get to experience the majestic and one of a kind nightlife in Melbourne!

1. LUX Nightclub Melbourne

LUX Nightclub Melbourne

Chapel Street’s LUX Nightclub Melbourne is a wonderful spot to get your weary legs in after a bustling day. The club’s main floor has a reddish dimly lit atmosphere with occasional beams from the overhanging searchlights helping outline the stage. The dancefloor is wide enough for the regular large crowds, and the decors sparkling upon every beam of light on them. Also noticeable in the dance hall is an ample size chandelier with several candles lined on it. Also hung above the stage are birdcages and hoops used by frequenting performers. The fun, the excitement, the experience of watching circus performances within the cozy atmosphere is worthy of multiple visits.

2. Mendoza’s Social Club Melbourne 

Mendoza's Social Club Melbourne 

16 Corrs lane, Melbourne is where to locate the Mendoza’s Social Club. It’s the Latino nightlife venue to lookout for in the heart of Melbourne. Opens Fridays and Saturdays, the hotspot is a nice environment to hangout in, especially after an activity filled day. The venue is a perfect place to learn Salsa dance, and the atmosphere supports that too! There are counts of friendly individuals at the club, their gaiety easily seen in their reaction to every good sound coming from the speakers. Speaking of people, the Mendoza’s Social Club in any of its day of activity is filled to capacity, and if one isn’t early to it, there’s a possibility he/she wouldn’t be allowed in. Although the mood around the Mendoza’s is wonderful, the heat up due to the numbers of persons packed in it might be inconveniencing, and the air conditioning system might only be of little help.

3. The Night Cat Melbourne

The Night Cat Melbourne

By the turn from Brunswick Street, is The Night Cat club located in Johnston Street, Fitzroy. The venue is a favourite spot to cool off while within hearing distance of some sounds of jazz and occasional reggae. A cherished music venue, the Night Cat plays host to local and visiting artists who perform live to the cheery responses from the crowd. The Night Cat is one nice venue to watch the best arts within town, an experience that could turn memorable when a favourite art gets to rock the stage. The shows, the music, and atmosphere are all to the flair of Fitzroy culture. The venue is dimly lit, and that gives off a sultry experience much to the pleasure of partygoers.

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In Conclusion

These dynamic venues, LUX Nightclub, Mendoza’s Social Club, and The Night Cat in Australia’s biggest city are home to various kinds of people with diverse cultural backgrounds dancing together as one! The musical diversity that is offered here is something different to witness. Hope we have covered all the ingredients you came here to collect. Cheerio!

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