Techno Clubs in Melbourne

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Finding the best techno club in the town is a tough task, especially in the town which is known for its bistros and honky-tonks. Melbourne has not only welcomed all sorts of music genres, but also has done justice with the music industry. From the blues to Techno, the town is literally bothered trying. Techno music requires a specific top-of-the-line sound system and experienced DJs, techno music is not everyone’s cup of tea. For your ease, we have come up with a few clubs in the town which can satisfy your urge for a proper weekend.

1. New Guernica Melbourne

The New Guernica club is one of CBD’s prominent night venue and it has history on its side. New Guernica through its nine years of existence is reputed to serving the Melbourne community with premiere nightlife experience with dedicated staffs, welcoming environment, and the very best music rendering. From live performances to displays from local and visiting DJs, the venue has been grooming talents while exhibiting them. Reputable DJs are given the main room console to maneuver, with the best of the sounds outpouring from excellent dedicated speakers. Thursdays are for dances, while Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for shows by promoters. Days other than that are free for regular night and daytime clubbing.

2. Sub Club Melbourne 

Sub Club Melbourne is the only nightlife venue in Melbourne entirely on a basement. A fun spot for clubbers, the bar opens only on Fridays and Saturdays from early night right till the morning of the next day. Sub Club Melbourne courts both local and international artists in its wide performance space. You never get to be disappointed with any of the concerts held at the venue as the DJs are made up of famous personalities known for their excellence in the trade they so choose. Music get more renounced throughout the bar thanks to the 10,000 watts provisioned sound system. Dance and bands are also regular to the bar, and coupled with the serene atmosphere around the hotspot, you’re in for a fabulous experience. At Sub Club, there’s always something fun and exciting ongoing. On a first visit, you would be left mulling of a return to an excellent kind of atmosphere once again.

3. Colour Nightclub Melbourne

Colour is a trendy nightclub in Melbourne’s Carlton neighborhood. With a top-of-the-line sound system, the club offers a special and contemporary venue for people to come in and party. International DJs, as well as local favorites, perform on occasion, and the northern group is always humbled to have them grace the dance floor. There is also a band room upstairs where live music is sometimes performed, as well as large bars on each floor where you can sit and socialize with friends. Colour’s furniture is sparse yet grungy, in keeping with its theme of being a cool alternative nightclub that offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

4. The Night Cat Melbourne

By the turn from Brunswick Street, is The Night Cat club located in Johnston Street, Fitzroy. The venue is a favourite spot to cool off while within hearing distance of some sounds of jazz and occasional reggae. A cherished music venue, the Night Cat plays host to local and visiting artists who perform live to the cheery responses from the crowd. The Night Cat is one nice venue to watch the best arts within town, an experience that could turn memorable when a favourite art gets to rock the stage. The shows, the music, and atmosphere are all to the flair of Fitzroy culture. The venue is dimly lit, and that gives off a sultry experience much to the pleasure of partygoers.

In Conclusion

The clubs mentioned above have proven to be the best in town when it comes to electronic dance music (EDM). These clubs also host amazing events backed with the country’s best DJs, look for any upcoming events before stopping by. Gather your pals, pick up a club for the night and enjoy your finest time in Australia’s garden city. The clubs mentioned above are also a viable option for couples. So even if you are with your girlfriend don’t worry about the drunkards hitting your girlfriend, enjoy your party without any second thoughts intervening.