VIP Clubs in Melbourne

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Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ Hip Hop clubs in Melbourne?

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Melbourne. (More in-depth further below)

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Besides the cricket stadium, Melbourne is also famous for its glitz and glamour. It is no secret that the city of Melbourne has a high reputation for electronic music and sizzling hot ladies. Sexy ladies and bold dance music, who can skip hyped VIP clubs of the town! It is also of no secret that VIP clubs have expanded their count in recent times. On these grounds, we have pinned down the most favorite VIP clubs of Melbourne. Do you want to be welcomed like a celebrity? Follow us to discover the whole new world of luxury and snugness.

1. Chaise lounge Melbourne

Chaise Lounge is one of Melbourne’s unique spot for music, entertainment, and relaxation. The club is a renowned hotspot for hip-hop music, including dance and live performances. And if you’re one who not only loves hip-hop, but cherishes a serene environment for family relaxation, Chaise Lounge is a wonderful venue that suits that description. As the early evening sets into nightfall, the wonderful club turns to a quaint, cool, and sensational night venue you so sought for.

2. LUX Nightclub Melbourne

Chapel Street’s LUX Nightclub Melbourne is a wonderful spot to get your weary legs in after a bustling day. The club’s main floor has a reddish dimly lit atmosphere with occasional beams from the overhanging searchlights helping outline the stage. The dancefloor is wide enough for the regular large crowds, and the decors sparkling upon every beam of light on them. Also noticeable in the dance hall is an ample size chandelier with several candles lined on it. Also hung above the stage are birdcages and hoops used by frequenting performers. The fun, the excitement, the experience of watching circus performances within the cozy atmosphere is worthy of multiple visits.

3. Bond Melbourne 

Bond is the heart of Melbourne’s nightlife as soon as you step through the gate. Melbourne’s electrifying, opulent atmosphere and cutting-edge architecture. The charming staff at Bond provides a luxury service that suits the luxurious layout of its rooms, creating an infectious setting, unlike any other Melbourne bars or nightclubs.

In Conclusion

It is fine to admit that everyone wants to be treated like a VIP, an elite lounge, and a restricted table with the best view of the club, or even a separate room to do all the naughty stuff most privately. Although as might be expected, the VIP treatment comes at a cost, and for the cause, you would have to expend extra bucks. Don’t forget to book your reservation before leaving, no one wants to get embarrassed in front of hot ladies.