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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Melbourne

1. Radar Melbourne

The Radar night club serves Melbourne community with nightlife entertainment which includes refreshing drinks, dance music, and occasional live performances. The fun-filled hotspot sports hospitality: the bar staffs are friendly, pleasing and modest in their serving of liquor and food. Besides, there are varieties of food and signature cocktails for the taking upon nicely placed tables. The regular clubbers and tourists alike revels in blaring hip-hop music from strategically placed Funktion-One speakers; the disk turners never disappointing.

2. Angel Music Bar Melbourne

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Angel Music Bar is one of the most preferred bar within the city. The venue is one focused on music, with Funktion-One speakers effectively sounding out favourite hits right into the middle of the crowd. Besides, Tuesdays are definitely for jazz, and you wouldn’t want to miss out jiving to some classical jazz blaring from the two sound outputs. From John Coltrane jazz tracks to the tunes from Esther Phillips, you’re never kept wanting. Meanwhile, the upstairs room is definitely what clubbers appreciate; the practically sound-proof room ensures the sounds emanating there resonate well within. You would want to get the feeling of being in a party room, wouldn’t you? The structures within the bar are made for rowdy nights. Tables and seats are made to withstand pressure, and the seats are carefully held to the floor by bolts.

3. Gasometer Hotel Melbourne

Nicked Gaso, this prestigious hotel plays a pivotal role in the music life of Melbourne residents. Well known for its continuous music event hosting, the Gaso has never had a boring moment save for when it had to be closed in 2013. Ever since it’s reopening in 2014, weeks in and out have been celebrated at the venue with performances from local and visiting artists, particularly standup acts. And one familiar thing about the Gaso is that, it never gets out of events as dates extending into months is lined with music and album launches, among others. The cycle continues with a new event being added after another has been held.

4. Geddes Lounge Melbourne 

Geddes Lounge is one of the nice spots for entertainment within Melbourne. It is located in the West End of the CBD, among several other pubs, nightspots, and hotels. The central business district houses the popular Queen Victoria Market, the federation square among many other venues thereby encouraging the jivey atmosphere witnessed within the suburb. The district also hosts some financial, business, and entertainment institutions including about 1603 hotels. The Geddes Lounge is one of such entertainment venues.

5. The Night Cat Melbourne

By the turn from Brunswick Street, is The Night Cat club located in Johnston Street, Fitzroy. The venue is a favourite spot to cool off while within hearing distance of some sounds of jazz and occasional reggae. A cherished music venue, the Night Cat plays host to local and visiting artists who perform live to the cheery responses from the crowd. The Night Cat is one nice venue to watch the best arts within town, an experience that could turn memorable when a favourite art gets to rock the stage. The shows, the music, and atmosphere are all to the flair of Fitzroy culture. The venue is dimly lit, and that gives off a sultry experience much to the pleasure of partygoers.

6. The Toff in Town Melbourne

Located in the heart of CBD, The Toff in Town is one iconic bar in Melbourne which you should have a visit to. It features late night dining, live music, bar food and pours. The Toff In Town lies on Curtin House second floor, and has space wide and comfortable enough for band room, reception, and a dark main bar for high-spirited partygoers. The interior of the bar is dark but maintains a glamorous look with the well decking of sparkling winery round the room. The countable numbers of small private booths coupled with the dim lightings in them generate a pleasant feeling for a privy, romantic gathering. The overall setting coupled with the funky music played when there’s no live performances ongoing makes the bar a perfect choice for a night date.

7. Brown Alley Melbourne

The multi-level Brown Alley is one of the best clubs out there in Melbourne. The venue has four well-decorated rooms, and an open rooftop bar for the comfort of clubbers who appreciate such convenience. Each of the rooms is unique of one other, and they each are made to satisfy various categories of guests. The rooms combined, Brown Alley has a holding capacity of 1200, and services are for all 24 hours in a day! From the decors to the facilities, the clubhouse exhibits elegance and gaiety; a nice location to cool off after a busy day. Thanks to Martin Audio, the sound systems are large and loud enough to cater for each of the rooms. And each of the rooms has its DJ requirements, made to the unique style of the rooms. Also designed separately for each of the four rooms is a dancefloor, wide enough to permit guests’ raucousness.

8. New Guernica Melbourne 

The New Guernica club is one of CBD’s prominent night venue and it has history on its side. New Guernica through its nine years of existence is reputed to serving the Melbourne community with premiere nightlife experience with dedicated staffs, welcoming environment, and the very best music rendering. From live performances to displays from local and visiting DJs, the venue has been grooming talents while exhibiting them. Reputable DJs are given the main room console to maneuver, with the best of the sounds outpouring from excellent dedicated speakers. Thursdays are for dances, while Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for shows by promoters. Days other than that are free for regular night and daytime clubbing.

9. Club Retro Melbourne 

One of Melbourne’s best run nightlife venue, Club Retro is a favorable spot for night relaxation and entertainment alike. Located within the bustling CBD, the club had been and continues to be a choice venue for drinks and private functions thanks for the convenience of three dancefloors it has. Wednesdays are for ground-floor entertainment or a reveling at the rooftop bar. This starts by 4 am. On Fridays and Saturdays, the venue gets into full bustling, and as its name entails, retro sounds are played all night. A defined spot it is for any who could muster strength to spend some happy hours with the crowd.

10. Sub Club Melbourne

Sub Club Melbourne is the only nightlife venue in Melbourne entirely on a basement. A fun spot for clubbers, the bar opens only on Fridays and Saturdays from early night right till the morning of the next day. Sub Club Melbourne courts both local and international artists in its wide performance space. You never get to be disappointed with any of the concerts held at the venue as the DJs are made up of famous personalities known for their excellence in the trade they so choose. Music get more renounced throughout the bar thanks to the 10,000 watts provisioned sound system. Dance and bands are also regular to the bar, and coupled with the serene atmosphere around the hotspot, you’re in for a fabulous experience. At Sub Club, there’s always something fun and exciting ongoing. On a first visit, you would be left mulling of a return to an excellent kind of atmosphere once again.

11. Chaise Lounge Melbourne 

Chaise Lounge is one of Melbourne’s unique spot for music, entertainment, and relaxation. The club is a renowned hotspot for hip-hop music, including dance and live performances. And if you’re one who not only loves hip-hop, but cherishes a serene environment for family relaxation, Chaise Lounge is a wonderful venue that suits that description. As the early evening sets into nightfall, the wonderful club turns to a quaint, cool, and sensational night venue you so sought for.

12. Key Club Melbourne

If you’re around Chinatown in any Friday or Saturday night, the Key Club is where you need to get a breather. Actually, you wouldn’t be in the area without noticing the favourite nightlife venue. Therefore, turn your somber nights into gaily evenings filled with entertainment, and that is only at the Key Club. The club area is large, featuring a sizeable terrace that links into a lounge; the lounge eventually leading to the dance floor which occupies much of the main room. There are adjoining private and high roller booths provisioned to ensure comfort to the corporate executives and VIPs regular in the clubhouse. Among countless others, the Key Club has hosted several celebs like Rae Sremmurd, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Mars, Future, Tyson Beckford, and Tinashe. An indoor garden room and two decorated bars rounds off the spaces within the venue. The comfort ensured there by the managers couldn’t less be evident.

13. Pulp Club Melbourne

Located within Melbourne’s Chinatown, Pulp Club is one of the city’s dance and music venues. Situated on Euro House in Corrs Lane, the club is a good spot to cool off after the bustle of a long day. There’s fun and music in the nightlife venue and that is being ensured with the great organization witnessed there. In-house resident DJs ensures all guests are fed with several varieties of music, from rap and reggae to hip-hop and R&B. You’ve got to swerve your feets instinctively, thanks to the quality of sound from the speakers. The jovial crowd with their unrestrained yells then makes for a welcoming atmosphere. Activities at the Pulp Club commences early Fridays and Saturdays by 7 pm, and culminates the following morning. Pulp Club remains shut for the other days of the week except the club’s space is being hired for a promoted event.

14. Cloud Nine Melbourne

Located at 60 Kings street in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD is the Cloud Nine night club. The venue opens a little after dark, culminating early the next day. Collections of music which you would love to hear, and dances which would interest you to watch are available at the long-standing night club. Saturdays are always for fun, and the night club offers no less of it. For the other days of the week, Cloud Nine is closed except on some special days in which the venue is being hired for events.

15. Levels Melbourne 

Levels Melbourne is a Saturday-only nightlife venue located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, precisely, 139 Bourke Street. A fun spot to be in on a Saturday evening, the venue has a unique tone of its own. Formerly dubbed the OMG & TFU nightclub, the club has three bars and a comfortable smoking space all across two levels. Not many nightlife venues in Melbourne could beat the ample extent of the club, and that’s isn’t the only feature in which the club packs. The sound system is one to beat, with arguably none from neighborhood to match. Having to listen to favourite tunes echo from effective speakers is enough entertainment, and the managers of the nightclub ensures that is made.

16. Mendoza’s Social Club Melbourne 

16 Corrs lane, Melbourne is where to locate the Mendoza’s Social Club. It’s the Latino nightlife venue to lookout for in the heart of Melbourne. Opens Fridays and Saturdays, the hotspot is a nice environment to hangout in, especially after an activity filled day. The venue is a perfect place to learn Salsa dance, and the atmosphere supports that too! There are counts of friendly individuals at the club, their gaiety easily seen in their reaction to every good sound coming from the speakers. Speaking of people, the Mendoza’s Social Club in any of its day of activity is filled to capacity, and if one isn’t early to it, there’s a possibility he/she wouldn’t be allowed in. Although the mood around the Mendoza’s is wonderful, the heat up due to the numbers of persons packed in it might be inconveniencing, and the air conditioning system might only be of little help.

17. LUX Nightclub Melbourne

Chapel Street’s LUX Nightclub Melbourne is a wonderful spot to get your weary legs in after a bustling day. The club’s main floor has a reddish dimly lit atmosphere with occasional beams from the overhanging searchlights helping outline the stage. The dancefloor is wide enough for the regular large crowds, and the decors sparkling upon every beam of light on them. Also noticeable in the dance hall is an ample size chandelier with several candles lined on it. Also hung above the stage are birdcages and hoops used by frequenting performers. The fun, the excitement, the experience of watching circus performances within the cozy atmosphere is worthy of multiple visits.

18. Club Pandora Melbourne 

The entertainment venue of choice, Club Pandora is Melbourne’s premiere nightlife venue. You must have heard the myths of Pandora and her gift of music; Club Pandora is inspired by this. The music venue has a dancefloor wide enough to accommodate some good numbers of clubbers, and so are the function rooms. The settings of both the main room and other adjoining function rooms are just modern: featuring some aesthetic designs and wonderful artworks. There might be no wide difference between all the rooms, however, there’re provisions for comfort and privacy with the Gold Room and Rest Room. And these are regularly occupied by clubbers requiring the need of it. Executives also get to use these rooms for their exclusive functions.

19. Khokolat Bar Melbourne

Khokolat Bar is open every Friday and Saturday for late night relaxation and partying. An ideal place to freshen up, the venue sports ornate furnitures and sensual artworks. The dimly lit atmosphere perfects the place, with the sound systems and televisions enough for each of the rooms. Even with the expected capacity of 350 guests, the managers of the club have convenience at heart. This is seen in the wide dancefloors and strategic placement of the chairs and tables. Khokolat Bar is located in Hardware Lane of Melbourne CBD. It is a recognised venue for music within the Melbourne community. There’re lots of old and latest R&B hits played quite regular at the venue, but there’re countless other venues within CBD offering that. What stands Khokolat Bar out is the calm witnessed at the place all through the night. If you’re one who loves a sip of the wine while listening to great tunes in a hush environment, Khokolat Bar is the best tip.

20. Xe54 Melbourne 

Some Melbourne party favorites are making their much-anticipated returns after a year devoid of dancing and nightclubs. The most recent is electro music hotspot Xe54, which is making a major comeback. After a 12-month hiatus, the club night is relocating to a new multi-story venue on Little Collins Street, complete with a 24-hour license. Starting with a bang on Saturday, March 6, Xe54 is scheduled to light up the new digs every Saturday night, spinning electronic tunes until the early hours of the morning. Expect the same iconic neon strip lighting as the night’s previous Southbank home but with an updated sound system and re-energized music programming this time around.

21. CODE Melbourne

CODE is Melbourne’s hottest Saturday night destination, located in the heart of the CBD and only a stone’s throw from Southern Cross station. CODE offers the ultimate nightclub experience, with three rooms and two levels to choose from. The friendly and knowledgeable role team will help you and your guests build the perfect event by offering a variety of extras such as a customized menu and beverage list, as well as additional entertainment such as DJs, private photographers, themed dancers, topless waiters, snake Chalmers, exotic dancers, and more.

22. Bond Melbourne

Bond is the heart of Melbourne’s nightlife as soon as you step through the gate. Melbourne’s electrifying, opulent atmosphere and cutting-edge architecture. The charming staff at Bond provides a luxury service that suits the luxurious layout of its rooms, creating an infectious setting, unlike any other Melbourne bars or nightclubs. Bond invites a glamorous audience through its doors, providing an elegant event atmosphere, with the vibrancy of an amphitheater. The opulent interior architecture, coupled with private spaces and two live music halls, creates a unique concept in Melbourne’s nightlife industry. Are you looking for a high-end nightclub for a Saturday night event? Bond nightclub is an aesthetically superior venue that can be everything you want it to be and more.

23. Flamingo Club Melbourne

The Ballers Clubhouse is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s the culmination of an idea, architecture, technology, entertainment, food, and beverage innovation. This spectacular social club is a ground-breaking super-venue that combines a club, bar, and dining experience with some of the world’s most famous bar games.

24. Sahira NightClub Melbourne

Sahira, A.K.A “the party people” in Arabic, promises to provide the most vibrant combination of Middle Eastern and English music right here in the heart of Melbourne City?
Their mission is to support the communities back home by providing exceptional events

25. Platform One Nightclub Melbourne

It’s easy to get here because it’s right in the heart of Chinatown. We’re 12 minutes from Flinders St Station, 5 minutes from Swanston St Trams, 3 minutes from Melbourne Central Station, and 1 minute from the 86 and 96 trams, with plenty of parking nearby.
Platform One is undeniably one of Melbourne’s most exclusive and sought-after premier event rooms, with its historically and culturally rich context.

26. Club Moda Melbourne

Prepare to be treated like royalty when it comes to experiencing European nightlife. Guests crossing the velvet rope of Melbourne’s most exclusive venues are greeted with status and prestige, ushering you into a Balkan night-time dream. Club Moda returns for Easter with a fascinating offering of signature flavorful charm straight from the motherland, following last events’ ‘record breaking’ spectacle at Ms. Collins!

27. Colour Nightclub Melbourne

Colour is a trendy nightclub in Melbourne’s Carlton neighborhood. With a top-of-the-line sound system, the club offers a special and contemporary venue for people to come in and party. International DJs, as well as local favorites, perform on occasion, and the northern group is always humbled to have them grace the dance floor. There is also a band room upstairs where live music is sometimes performed, as well as large bars on each floor where you can sit and socialize with friends. Colour’s furniture is sparse yet grungy, in keeping with its theme of being a cool alternative nightclub that offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

28. Bollywood Superclub Melbourne

When “DJ wale Babu” takes the stage, it makes people forget about other kinds of music for sure. Bollywood Night Melbourne makes you rock the Dance Floor with super hit Bollywood Numbers every alternate months on either Friday or Saturday. Bollywood Hit numbers are in the top list that make people move their body and put their hands up to cheer when “DJ wale Babu” takes the stage. What we’re talking about are Bollywood nights!

29. The Carlton Club Melbourne

The Carlton Club is a mishmash of quirky and eclectic, with a tropical balcony overlooking Bourke Street. It’s part lounge, part dining room.
With old favorites and delectable bar snacks, the dining room takes a modern approach to pub food. With over eight beers on tap, quirky cocktails, and a new world wine list, the bar is a feast for the eyes and the palate, crafted in rich velvet. A tropical escape in the heart of the concrete jungle, complete with palm trees and the feel of an island escape, is set at the front of the bar above Bourke Street. Their main bar can be found on level one. The Palmz Bar is on the rooftop of the Carlton, and Hasti Bala is on the third floor.