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The Toff in Town Melbourne, Guide & Review

Located in the heart of CBD, The Toff in Town is one iconic bar in Melbourne which you should have a visit to. It features late night dining, live music, bar food and pours. The Toff In Town lies on Curtin House second floor, and has space wide and comfortable enough for band room, reception, and a dark main bar for high-spirited partygoers. The interior of the bar is dark but maintains a glamorous look with the well decking of sparkling winery round the room. The countable numbers of small private booths coupled with the dim lightings in them generate a pleasant feeling for a privy, romantic gathering. The overall setting coupled with the funky music played when there’s no live performances ongoing makes the bar a perfect choice for a night date.

Local musicians and band groups raises the fun around The Toff In Town. And in some days, international arts graces the stage to the wild claps from the euphoric crowd. Seven nights a week, the bar is lively to the outpour of music from an excellent sound system; the DJs with their experienced maneuver ensuring your visit is worthy one.

Wines are available upon a request, although a strong selection could cost some money. Cocktails of several sorts, Martinis are on offer and could be gotten upon a request to any of the charming booths and spaces alike. There’re on display some imported and premium drinks for some highly placed individuals who occasionally grace The Toff In Town. And if you let yourself in to the signature cocktail on display, you might end up not leaving till early next morning, when you will be freshened with the bright memory of a fun-filled night.

The venue’s kitchen is ChooChoos. The food from there might be a bit expensive, but they are full of quality and simply outstanding. The Thai inspired meals gets a unique flavour leaving you with lingering memory of it after you’ve left. And if you get to secure a spot in one of the booths, secluded from the noise and activities of the main bar, communal dinning couldn’t be any better. The meals and wines are served by efficient, friendly staffs. The open space at the balcony and an open area at the rear of the bar providing the convenience any guest could hope for.

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