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Geddes Lounge Melbourne, Guide & Review

Geddes Lounge is one of the nice spots for entertainment within Melbourne. It is located in the West End of the CBD, among several other pubs, nightspots, and hotels. The central business district houses the popular Queen Victoria Market, the federation square among many other venues thereby encouraging the jivey atmosphere witnessed within the suburb. The district also hosts some financial, business, and entertainment institutions including about 1603 hotels. The Geddes Lounge is one of such entertainment venues.

The Geddes Lounge is carefully made to exhibit a quaint and pleasing look and has about four different levels to its building, while the full sound system ensures a great atmosphere is maintained. You wouldn’t want to hold a party in any mean environment, as such the levels are assigned several functions depending on the event you wish to host. Private entertainment, public occasions are being catered for at the Geddes.

The Basement has that modern flair with sparkling decors and it’s an underground bar. There’s the Café; recently renovated to the cocktail style. A Roof Top Deck gets you top-of-the-world feeling, and there you could get to host any single event with grace. The biggest of the levels is the Main Room. The apartment is perfectly set up for large events encouraging some degree of raucousness, as you certainly are deserving of an event not to be easily forgotten; one worthy to be remembered. The Geddes Lounge offers a perfect place for a quiet drink. And the collection of wines there never disappoints, all year round. The food there is good, comparable to others around. And the staffs are friendly and attendant to the visitors. From help setting up your personal function to serving out drinks and food, they go about their tasks with undeterred composure.

An electric atmosphere is guaranteed for your weekly events, as there’s a well set sound system. And then, for any random Friday evening, different music types gets to be played thanks to some favouring DJ Booths and strategically placed speakers. DJs are invited to grace the scene, and the local ones are no naïve aswell. Actually, everything seems to revolve around you: from the euphoric crowd, reverberating sounds to the peculiar lightings. These are what excellent lounges are known for. You wouldn’t mind having to cool off within a serene atmosphere, would you?

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