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Nicked Gaso, this prestigious hotel plays a pivotal role in the music life of Melbourne residents. Well known for its continuous music event hosting, the Gaso has never had a boring moment save for when it had to be closed in 2013. Ever since it’s reopening in 2014, weeks in and out have been celebrated at the venue with performances from local and visiting artists, particularly standup acts. And one familiar thing about the Gaso is that, it never gets out of events as dates extending into months is lined with music and album launches, among others. The cycle continues with a new event being added after another has been held.

The main hall of the hotel is a 350-capacity room serving for standup performances to the comfort of seated onlooking viewers. Another hall, a 100 seater, serves for private functions and events of lesser attendees. The walls and floor are made to dazzle red. The Gaso isn’t the only music-inclined hotel around Smith Street, Collinwood, therefore to get it into prominence, the new managers of the hotel made refurbishes to it. There’s a new retractable roof and mezzanine level for the band room, and the mezzanine could seat some 70 persons on a good sunshine day. Other unique additions include a new log cabin table, a pool table, including several other facilities.

For a hotel that prioritises music, the sound system isn’t a disappointment. Subs and well-placed speakers get the atmosphere groovy when the sound system finally comes into life. A 32-channel mixing console ensures the Gaso doesn’t lack it’s prestige as the favourite music destination in Melbourne.

The venue might be well decked for music and similar events but there’s more to Gasometer Hotel than that. On a sunny dizzy afternoon, you might get yourself refreshed with some chilled pours. There’re not too much for a reasonable hotel; Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Mountain Goat Steam Ale are quite popular down there. Those could also be used to drain down some treats. As with the liquors, too much shouldn’t be expected of meals above the regular menus commonly served guests at pubs. Stewards at the Gaso are cool and expectedly disciplined to task. The atmosphere, the servings, and the services altogether make for an excellent hotel.

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