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Angel Music Bar Melbourne, Guide & Review

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Angel Music Bar is one of the most preferred bar within the city. The venue is one focused on music, with Funktion-One speakers effectively sounding out favourite hits right into the middle of the crowd. Besides, Tuesdays are definitely for jazz, and you wouldn’t want to miss out jiving to some classical jazz blaring from the two sound outputs. From John Coltrane jazz tracks to the tunes from Esther Phillips, you’re never kept wanting. Meanwhile, the upstairs room is definitely what clubbers appreciate; the practically sound-proof room ensures the sounds emanating there resonate well within. You would want to get the feeling of being in a party room, wouldn’t you?

The structures within the bar are made for rowdy nights. Tables and seats are made to withstand pressure, and the seats are carefully held to the floor by bolts.

The bartenders are by no means rude. These cool, composed staffs make sure Martinis are well mixed to your taste. These eye-catching figures gets round ensuring everyone gets their desired wants, fortunate of a memorable experience.

Wines are the figurehead drinks in bars, and there’s nothing less of that at Angel Music Bar. The odour of tasty Champagne and other varied cocktails speaks of the rich menu served guests. You’ve got the liberty of established bottles waiting your tick to be brought to you, leaving the person in you yearning for more when you finally choose to leave. There’re choices of Italian drinks aswell, but you could also choose to lean French for the day. In some random nights, the premium drinks are bought over by corporate wearing executives, with the pack of like minds eventually settling for a royal drink-over. Bottles are best held with snacks, and those are available at a nearby Butchers Diner. Upon request, these could be gotten and handed to you by faithful-waiting bartenders. There are hot sauces to get yourself at ease, including fried options upon a request. You can make the night more fun by ordering some prawns, buttered bread or some toasted sandwiches.

Two turntables: one downstairs and another upstairs is manned by excellent DJs. These and the glamorous look within the space betray an excellent hotspot to come alive once again.

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