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Radar Melbourne, Guide & Review

The Radar night club serves Melbourne community with nightlife entertainment which includes refreshing drinks, dance music, and occasional live performances. The fun-filled hotspot sports hospitality: the bar staffs are friendly, pleasing and modest in their serving of liquor and food. Besides, there are varieties of food and signature cocktails for the taking upon nicely placed tables. The regular clubbers and tourists alike revels in blaring hip-hop music from strategically placed Funktion-One speakers; the disk turners never disappointing.

Thirty years of continued undiluted nightlife and partying venue, the Radar has made nights memorable for many. However, changes in management ensured changes were effected to the legacy nightspot. Carlo Colosimo, the then proprietor had an unsuccessful lease renewal, being outbid by another lounge operator. This was in April 2019.

By July, under a different leadership, the club got new changes: refresh to the dancefloor, a new balustrade separating the dancefloor, new upholstery to adorn the booths, wrappings for the floor, and an all new lighting installation for a more smart look. In all, the decors are all rebranded without altering the legacy of the lounge. Cooperation from the staff ensures the management dictates the appropriate ways the club should head, thereby ensuring gilt-edge experience by the guests. The energy upon stepping into Radar is impressive, and that is made more better with a relaxing atmosphere ensured by slow background music. There’s versatility in the choice of music played: the various guests get served varying genre of music to suit everyone. Exception is on Thursday night where drum’bass plays all night. Live performances from local and visiting artists make for a more euphoric experience at the Radar. Visiting and local DJs are also brought in to rock the stage.

The atmosphere at the Radar is occasionally casual: spilled liquor, dimly lit background with readied tables. Each day, the tables are removed as the evening progresses creating a wide dancefloor to accommodate exuberance. Situated far-off from residential buildings, there’s consent for music rendering and it only gets louder with the dark. If you don’t mind being within a high-spirited crowd, smoke-gunned atmosphere, blended with multifold of quaint music conjured by popular jockeys, then Radar Club is the pick.

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