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Brown Alley Melbourne, Guide & Review

The multi-level Brown Alley is one of the best clubs out there in Melbourne. The venue has four well-decorated rooms, and an open rooftop bar for the comfort of clubbers who appreciate such convenience. Each of the rooms is unique of one other, and they each are made to satisfy various categories of guests. The rooms combined, Brown Alley has a holding capacity of 1200, and services are for all 24 hours in a day! From the decors to the facilities, the clubhouse exhibits elegance and gaiety; a nice location to cool off after a busy day. Thanks to Martin Audio, the sound systems are large and loud enough to cater for each of the rooms. And each of the rooms has its DJ requirements, made to the unique style of the rooms. Also designed separately for each of the four rooms is a dancefloor, wide enough to permit guests’ raucousness.

Electro, indie, progressive, and alternative rock are the usual in the club. However, there are occasional dynamic house, techno, and breaks music at Brown Alley. The DJs get the favourite music played even at the unlikeliest time of the day. And the clubhouse never sleeps: when the visiting DJs aren’t around, the local ones get to man the turntable. The relaxed atmosphere at the club has made it a choice venue for artists, both local and visiting. Hosts of solo singers, bands, and dancers regularly graces the venue, igniting the crowds there. Tickets to shows exhibited at the Brown Alley, although a little over pricey is worth it, given the quality of entertainment being offered.

During the day, Brown Alley is thronged with busy occupants involved in various activities courtesy of the club’s management. Traditional games including Chess and Backgammon are available. Others including pools are encouraged, and their facilities are provided. Regular guests and first-time visitors alike are also served with handy copies by attentive staffs upon a request, an additional perk lacking of most clubs. Music accompanied with pours and food is a desirable experience clubbers wouldn’t need to be denied off, and the managers at Brown Alley knows that. Food and wine are offered at convenient prices. Blend this with the relaxing outpour of music; a great way to kill the day couldn’t be that better.

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