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By the turn from Brunswick Street, is The Night Cat club located in Johnston Street, Fitzroy. The venue is a favourite spot to cool off while within hearing distance of some sounds of jazz and occasional reggae. A cherished music venue, the Night Cat plays host to local and visiting artists who perform live to the cheery responses from the crowd. The Night Cat is one nice venue to watch the best arts within town, an experience that could turn memorable when a favourite art gets to rock the stage. The shows, the music, and atmosphere are all to the flair of Fitzroy culture. The venue is dimly lit, and that gives off a sultry experience much to the pleasure of partygoers.

A cool spot to freshen up, the club has sessions for dances. The salsa dance practiced every Sunday night gets ladies, cheery women, and all lovers of dances to the venue. And with the musicians jumping, pumping, and performing live, you have no other choice than to join in such great a moment. Occasionally, the crews get to perform their live displays bringing a much added fun and vibe. Listening to group of performers imitate your favorite tv show, or watch some unique dancers steal the evening away would surely get you spell-bound in entertainment. It also attracts corporate executives and informal workers alike to a cool-off within a worthy atmosphere.

You would need to forget the worries of the day, thanks to the favourable drinks stacked in cabinets, served you upon a request. Your taste would eventually be put to test given the varied types of craft beers on sale at The Night Cat. The tasty crabs, buttered breads, and yummy sauces could all be gotten at nearby restaurants, as the club features no eatery. The Fitzroy culture themes the snacks, meals purchased, and it blends in resonance to the atmosphere inside The Night Cat. Besides, staffs which includes the security men at the entrance and bartenders makes for the fantastic feeling around the venue with their warm and professional dispatch of duty. Comfortable and spacious sundry-lit environment, excellent music with regular live music performances, occasional dance rendering, all in a perfect location is all one deserves in a night club. These are the legacy qualities of The Night Cat.

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