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Club Retro Melbourne, Guide & Review

One of Melbourne‘s best run nightlife venue, Club Retro is a favorable spot for night relaxation and entertainment alike. Located within the bustling CBD, the club had been and continues to be a choice venue for drinks and private functions thanks for the convenience of three dancefloors it has. Wednesdays are for ground-floor entertainment or a reveling at the rooftop bar. This starts by 4 am. On Fridays and Saturdays, the venue gets into full bustling, and as its name entails, retro sounds are played all night. A defined spot it is for any who could muster strength to spend some happy hours with the crowd.

Hen parties are Melbourne’s regular, and they’re held quite often at Club Retro. Actually, Club Retro is the popular spot in Melbourne for hen parties. The venue offers the service of having such events planned out including various others. The Gold Room is Club Retro’s main function space; the others being some private spaces for 40 people. The Gold Room features a DJ console, suitable for any social event. From the high-quality sound system and the quaint lighting to the wide dance floor, the room exhibits luxury. Housing about 150 people, The Gold Room has a private bar, indoor smoking area, and a generous size led TV.

Thanks to the modern sound system, DJs gets the crowd into the past by playing several retro classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s. R&B also gets to be played, ensuring entertainment for both the young and old attendees. Believe it or not, your time there would certainly be worth it, as you have a chance to watch on special days, some commercial dances by several bands. The best of these events therefore seems to be hosted at Club Retro.

Ready for the booze?

For an entertainment venue situated in the heart of CBD, the drinks are quite reasonable. Give yourself priority cupfuls and take yourself decades backward at Club Retro with each taking. From signature wine to mixed cocktails, you wouldn’t be less entertained. Kitchen services are open on Friday with their excellent but pricey menus. Staffs are friendly and decent for a place that is busy. The crowd mostly above the age of 25 are very much lively to the retro tunes. In all, fun awaits you at Club Retro!

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