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Khokolat Bar Melbourne, Guide & Review

Khokolat Bar is open every Friday and Saturday for late night relaxation and partying. An ideal place to freshen up, the venue sports ornate furnitures and sensual artworks. The dimly lit atmosphere perfects the place, with the sound systems and televisions enough for each of the rooms. Even with the expected capacity of 350 guests, the managers of the club have convenience at heart. This is seen in the wide dancefloors and strategic placement of the chairs and tables.

Khokolat Bar is located in Hardware Lane of Melbourne CBD. It is a recognised venue for music within the Melbourne community. There’re lots of old and latest R&B hits played quite regular at the venue, but there’re countless other venues within CBD offering that. What stands Khokolat Bar out is the calm witnessed at the place all through the night. If you’re one who loves a sip of the wine while listening to great tunes in a hush environment, Khokolat Bar is the best tip.

Dancers also get to entertain the guests of the bar. As charming as their appearance are, you are sure to learn some good new hops and bounces from experienced artistes. By the way, you’ve got signed up for enough fun when in the bar, as DJs are opportune to maneuver the music consoles. Expect a wide collection of music from the in-house DJs, as well as those Interesting funky mixes.

Khokolat Bar is a perfect venue to have your birthdays and events of similar sorts. Private boots are enough for average size events. However, if you’ve got an occasion worthy of crowds up to 350, the whole venue could be hired.

Drinks are assorted. Mostly mixed by female good-looking bartenders, the wines are great, and so could be said of the beers. The drinks are offered depending on your wish, and they are affordable. If you aren’t accustomed to alcohol, you can go for some flavoured juices. There’re pretty lots of extras at the night club. Staffs are expectedly friendly. There’s a dignified provision for a photography service upon a request. Menus at Khokolat Bar are great! Selection of good meals coupled with a good drink awaits you at this bar!

Khokolat bar Melbourne

Khokolat Bar, located in Melbourne’s iconic Hardware Lane, has developed itself as the city’s RnB hotspot. Khokolat Bar is the perfect place to listen to the latest and greatest RnB hits every Friday and Saturday night, with a weekly lineup of the best DJs this genre has to offer!

Khokolat Bar features an urban and contemporary design, a large and accessible bar and dance floor, a cutting-edge sound, and lighting system, as well as friendly service and an enticing cocktail menu.

The friendly and knowledgeable role team will help you and your guests build the perfect event by offering a variety of extras such as a customized menu and beverage list, as well as additional entertainment such as DJs, private photographers, themed dancers, topless waiters, snake Chalmers, exotic dancers, and more.

Khokolat Bar can be rented out for private functions until 3 am Sunday to Wednesday and 5 am Thursdays, with a room of up to 350 patrons and a late license.

Khokolat Bar, Melbourne’s home of RnB, hosts a weekly line-up of the best DJs in the genre every Friday and Saturday night, making it the best place to listen to the latest and greatest RnB hits.

Khokolat Bar offers VIP bottle service booths with your host, making it the ideal location for your next party, birthday, or simply a night out dancing with friends!

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