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LUX Nightclub Melbourne, Guide & Review

Chapel Street’s LUX Nightclub Melbourne is a wonderful spot to get your weary legs in after a bustling day. The club’s main floor has a reddish dimly lit atmosphere with occasional beams from the overhanging searchlights helping outline the stage. The dancefloor is wide enough for the regular large crowds, and the decors sparkling upon every beam of light on them. Also noticeable in the dance hall is an ample size chandelier with several candles lined on it. Also hung above the stage are birdcages and hoops used by frequenting performers. The fun, the excitement, the experience of watching circus performances within the cozy atmosphere is worthy of multiple visits.

Hip-hop music hits the air every Friday and Saturday. Moreover, you get served some wonderful sounds from the 80s and 90s and some regular discos. The flair and exquisite finishes made to the place make it a comfortable one for weekend rest. There are no nights zero of fun at LUX. The performers rendering bare their arts, the lovely lady at the sidebar jovially making the shots, and even the DJs carefully turning their consoles to the cheers from the boozy crowd. There’s the temptation to take more than a few shots of mixes, and that’s because the wine, hand-pressed juices are tasty. The drinks here are expensive, but you’re assured of getting superior liquors with variety to choose from. In most cases, the bartenders bring you the drinks themselves. And you would have to agree that there’s no venue in Melbourne offering such blends of service and glam.

There’s always something unique on the offer of LUX Nightclub Melbourne. Harlequinades gets to be played on stage quite frequently during Saturdays and occasionally on Fridays. Your night at the club certainly would be worth it and taking consideration of the fact that no other night venue encourages arts this better, you would only need to return for more. The spectacular night venue might be situated in Melbourne, Australia. However, the inspiration behind its settings, art performances, and dazzling decors are from Las Vegas. As such, locals and visiting guests are constantly served with a high level of entertainment; a one of its kind in Melbourne. You need to visit this nightclub!

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