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Chaise Lounge Melbourne, Guide & Review

Chaise Lounge is one of Melbourne‘s unique spot for music, entertainment, and relaxation. The club is a renowned hotspot for hip-hop music, including dance and live performances. And if you’re one who not only loves hip-hop, but cherishes a serene environment for family relaxation, Chaise Lounge is a wonderful venue that suits that description. As the early evening sets into nightfall, the wonderful club turns to a quaint, cool, and sensational night venue you so sought for.

The bar opens on Fridays and Saturdays; much earlier on Fridays to welcome early incomers who needs a cool spot to spend the weekend in. Upon entrance into Chaise Lounge, that is if you’re late to it, you would be greeted by sweating party dancers, and the smaller group of persons yet to sway their pair of buttocks. The atmosphere is oftentimes electric, encouraging you to partake in the crazy revel, never checking whether you’re being looked at. Only a limited number of people get to partake in the fun. Chaise Lounge has a maximum seating capacity for about 160 fun-lovers, and getting to be among this number demands you are early to it.

Chaise Lounge was renowned for its careful selection of star DJs to man its console. Likes of DJ Rcee, DJ Shook, DJ Kahlua, and DJ Angel Jay all did ensure a wonderful experience at the club. Today, this legacy is still being followed: wonderful local and visiting DJs gets the room jivey with mixes from 80s, 90s, and contemporary hits. These DJs ensure you keep swaying right into the early hours of the morning, and thereafter yearning for more of it after getting off the venue. Every night, there’s actually something to dance on to as local artists occasionally serves the crowd with live performances. And more occasionally than regularly, the crowds are greeted with cracking rendition from visiting artists. There’s actually a wide dancefloor to accommodate that!

Wine is there for the offering, from signature cocktails to flavored mixes. As pricey as these pours are, they get you into party mood right through the night into the morning. There are delightful meals as well. Unlike drinks, the delicacies served there by the caring staffs are modern and reasonably priced. With the chic setting and high-end sound rendition, Chaise Lounge is one venue which you certainly need to experience.

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