Hip Hop Clubs in Wellington

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Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ Hip Hop Clubs in Wellington?
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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Hip Hop Clubs in
Wellington. (More in-depth further below)

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Best Nightclubs In Wellington


There is no real Antipodean Adventure complete without a trip to
Wellington. This beautiful city, located next to one of the most beautiful
harbors found anywhere, brings one of the most diverse party venues
found here in New Zealand.
And in this, the next night at the club. You and your friends will be blinded
by the bright lights and loud party music at this Wellington Bucks party. The
most delicious drinks, the best sound system, the hot tracks, and the
hottest crowd to share. You want to stay ready for one of the biggest nights
right here in this beautiful city.


Minibar is another hip night nightclub open until 4 am and offers many
musical activities to keep all content at will. This place is guaranteed to
have all the ingredients for a great night out, from dance parties to theme
parties and fun dance nights. They offer a lot of drinking deals to
complement any planned event.

Sassy Loves Cash

Sassy Loves Cash provides a great place to enjoy a day of chatting and
having fun with friends. The nightclub is located at Courtenay Place in
Wellington, New Zealand. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the
city, with its beautiful and intricate decoration, the setting creates an
atmosphere of intense activity without having to worry about crowded
places. It is a shopping mall that offers wines, spirits, and cocktails fully
integrated at an affordable price.


D4 for Allen is a popular nightclub in Wellington, New Zealand. The club is
located in Courtenay’s Place, offering an excellent selection of fine wine
and beer. They have 18 tap beers, a lovely tapa menu and an inviting
atmosphere that welcomes guests and sponsors. D4 accepts local rental
opportunities for all occasions and events. They present a thrilling scene for
guests from Tuesday to Saturday where their live DJ pulls the crowd. The
nightclub also has live sports events and offers beats and powerful sounds.

Red Square

Red Square is a place in Wellington that you can dance all night long. Wit
its large ornaments and distorted lighting, the beautiful club is known for its
contagious shape and good DJs arrangement. If you need a quick breath,
order some of their signature cocktails and sit in deep leather booths for
other viewers. The frozen bar is another fun thing to look at – local culture
requires enthusiasts to leave their handwriting on top.


Wellington’s nightlife may be `an excellent choice for some of the crowd,
but it still offers many places that electrify the fans of the dance company.
Here are some of the best places in New Zealand’s capital to catch some
fantastic DJ songs and share the storm.
Now, where are you going? The options are plentiful, spread out in the city
center, but here are some of the favorite Stag favorites for the perfect
banger tonight.