Gay and LGBTQ Clubs in Wellington

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Gay Wellington, the capital of one of the world’s most liberal countries, is a
healthy, artistic city with various cuisine, wine, craft beer, and caffeine. No
matter who you are or what you like, you will find yourself welcome in
Being the first country in Oceania to legalize gay marriage back in 2013, a
revival of interest has arisen for gay travelers who want to find out what this
is developing South Pacific nation is. We should be aware that public
displays of love are not uncommon in New Zealand – between straight or
gay couples – but you are more likely to get a quiet cut of consent than
anything else if you choose to show your love.

Ivy Bar & Cabaret

Wellington’s new, unique, and beautiful nightlife in Kampala by tits! Enter
the excavated basement of the old James Smith department store door to get to Ivy Bar & Cabaret.
Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day exhibitions of all kinds, from
dances and dances to comedy and poetry – or just a beautiful old rave! To
tempt you, there is plenty of great alcohol and cocktail treat to satisfy your
satanic desires and to please your taste buds. The vibe is ready to mix and
match, and then dance casually until late at night.

Scotty & Malcolm

A great gay cocktail with a lounge with surroundings, cedar walls, and
Egyptian stone stones to set the mood. It is owned and operated by a
couple, Scotty and Malcolm, who played a significant role in the gay
community of Wellington over the past few decades and have opened
various queer clubs and bars in the past. S&M is a great place to relax and
enjoy gin and tonic, beer, fine wine, or a nice cocktail – perfect for great
music, good company, and great staff taking care of you. There is also a
basement B&D (Basement and Dance) open to Bingay on Wednesdays,
shows, gigs, and regular activities, from Thursday to Saturday. No matter
what you choose to do, there is room for all of us to enjoy it.


Although a tiny gay and lesbian community spread across the North Island
and here in Wellington, there are many LGBT-friendly places in the city.
These are usually based on Cuba Street and Courtenay Place, within the
Courtenay Quarter and the inner city district of Te Aro and Lambton Quay.
Many bars and nightclubs around Courtenay Place welcome a mixed and
varied crowd, staying open until late in the week and usually staying open
until dawn. Notably, theaters in this part of Wellington include BATS,
Downstage, Ambassador, Paramount, and St. Louis venues. James, and
the Opera House.