Techno Clubs in Wellington

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Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ Techno Clubs in Wellington?
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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Techno Clubs in
Wellington. (More in-depth further below)

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Best Nightclubs In Wellington


The nightlife in Wellington may not be the best you can find, but Wellington
clubs offer a wide range of entertainment options. Wellington clubs also
provide a range of techno and EDM music for people who want to let loose
and dance the night away. If you are planning to travel to Wellington, the
capital of New Zealand, and are looking for places to plan the perfect
nightlife, keep reading!
At sunset, the city center is alive and well with some of the best clubs in
Wellington. With both local and international DJs and renowned musicians
playing everything from house music to dance music, rap, RnB, and more,
clubgoers have a great place to choose from when it comes to nightclubs in

San Fran

San Fran has a strong reputation for live music, including regular
performances by some of the leading DJs coming to Wellington. Their gig
calendar consists of comedy nights, rock music, techno bands, and a ton of
dance that blew dance music to stand out.


Laundry is a clubber club hosting everything from Latin Nights to some of
the best DJs in the booth. All week you can expect the variety to be the
name of the game in their offerings, but when the weekend is around, it’s
time to dance – and what a time this is. Located on Cuba Street, where the
action is taking place, this is one of the most challenging things in town –
especially if you follow electronica, as there are so many people playing at
night. Get to it.

Danger Danger

Danger Danger is located in the capital city of New Zealand. The nightclub
is home to one of the best pizza menus in the region, filled with its alcoholic
beverage collection. It exudes an old vibe with its back-to-back interiors
and elements perfect for a night of fun and entertainment. They have DJs
who chase the crowd six straight days a week, in addition to live bar
entertainment regularly. The nightclub was previously called Electric Avenue.


Being one of Wellington’s most popular nightclubs, The Establishment is
prolifically known for its eclectic event calendar as well as an impressive DJ
list. As well as being one of the few places in the city that will be open until
4 am, Establishment offers the least of everything for everyone: there is a
tequila bar, a large bar, a restaurant and a lounge – all with their unique
sound systems.


Who does not love to go out on the dancefloor to the sound of techno
music? If you have one desire and desire to dance, you should go to these
bars and nightclubs in Wellington. Nightlife is varied, so any traveler can
find something that will suit their tastes, from hip hop to rock. Look for
actual events, like rave nights!