Latin Clubs in Wellington

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Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ Latin Clubs in Wellington?
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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Latin Clubs in
Wellington. (More in-depth further below)

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One of the best things about Latin night clubs is that they work together,
combining the love of music and dance. Most Latin music is not designed
to listen to music and is intended to be dance music.
That’s why many of the following venues offer dance classes. This means
that Latin music is your way of having fun, meeting new people, and
exercising—three things we probably all need to do often. Your club must
reflect the love of Latin music and the zeal to serve the artists who play it
and the fans who love it.
Latin music is a way of life, a philosophy, whether it’s the Spanish
language, movies, live cultural performances, special presentations,
outdoor activities, music and dance, traditional food, and drinks. The clubs
listed below are very different, but they all have in common that they
embrace the Latin spirit of unforgettable music. If you are interested in
Spanish and Latin American nightlife culture, this guide is perfect for you.
Rocking Wellington since 1963, we look forward to sharing the best Latin
nightclubs of this remarkable city.


Laundry is a clubber club hosting everything from Latin Nights to some of
the best DJs in the booth. All week you can expect the variety to be the
name of the game in their offerings, but when the weekend is around, it’s
time to dance – and what a time this is. Located on Cuba Street, where the
action is taking place, this is one of the most challenging things in town –
especially if you follow electronica, as there are so many people playing at
night. Get to it.

Red Square

Red Square is a place in Wellington that you can dance all night long. Wit
its large ornaments and distorted lighting, the beautiful club is known for its
contagious shape and good DJs arrangement. If you need a quick breath,
order some of their signature cocktails and sit in deep leather booths for
other viewers. The frozen bar is another fun thing to look at – local culture
requires enthusiasts to leave their handwriting on top.

Good Luck

Good luck is an infamous underground bar on Cuba Street known for its
vast cocktail menu and interesting variations between its private living room
and dynamic dance floor. Legend has it that the bar was once the Chinese
Opium Den, and its intricate ornaments add to the rumours. The music is
on the opposite side, but there is a lot of power to keep the club’s
passengers pumping.


Minibar is another hip night nightclub open until 4 am and offers many
musical activities to keep all content at will. This place is guaranteed to
have all the ingredients for a great night out, from dance parties to theme
parties and fun dance nights. They offer a lot of drinking deals to
complement any planned event.


If you are interested in going to some of the best Latin clubs in Wellington,
then you have come to the right place. Here you will find several
Latin-language clubs to visit, including the relevant pieces of information for
each. Add a little Latin twist to your life, and try out dancing with salsa in a
hot Latin club. So, wear your dance shoes and your best dress as you go
around town with the best clubs in Wellington.