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Every city needs a crew of Magic men to sweep beautiful ladies off their feet! Located on Birdees 608 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley is Brisbane‘s home to some of the hottest and baddest men! From Cowboy, cop, fireman, army to magic mike, meet the magic in various forms! Magic Men is Australia’s biggest running company in ladies’ night and male entertainment. This venue is found in three big cities of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. It is the only strip club in the country that features celebrities look-alikes stripers! And not just the face but a smooching hot body too!

This erotic venue is packed with all the high-end equipment to give you the smooth experience you come here to get. From the cinematic screen, disco lights, booming sound system, spacious dance floor to the fully stocked bar and fine dining, it has all to cater to your needs throughout this sexy journey. Let these hard-working men show you how to treat you like a lady! Every male staff member has an out-of-the-world intriguing body. And a fun part is wearing a shirt is strictly prohibited for team members! What’s better than a hot topless waiter serving you drinks with some steamy flirt?

Suppose you are unable to visit the club. In that case, all you need to do is give a call, and some seductive fireman with its sexy group of hunks will be at your home in a minute to save you from danger with some extra treats! Whether you are a bride-to-be or a party girl looking for a fun night, they are here to serve you right. With Magic Men Brisbane turn your exotic fantasies into reality!

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