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Most people don’t know this, but it was during the prohibition era that many of today’s cocktails were born. Since drinking was illegal, those drinking against the law would try to disguise their drinks in order to make them appear alcohol free.

The Prohibition Brisbane does not leave the history of its name slide. The venue is fully decorated and designed to give their patrons the feeling that they are somehow being cheeky and sneaky, drinking and partying the forbidden night away.The venue is proud of using mostly recycled materials for creating this 1920’s atmosphere.

Needless to say, their cocktails list is quite elaborate and full of colourful options for all tastes. Gin and rum, more prominent spirits during prohibition, since they were easier to produce (sometimes made in a bathtub out the back), are the base of a lot of the cocktail options here; and they are the house’s speciality.

State of the art equipment means top local DJs, live bands and international talent playing everything from contemporary EDM to hosting a night of tango and ballroom dance, in honour of the old times.

LED drop-tubes and neon batons light up the dance floor, so depending how the place is lit, you may feel like you travelled back in time OR you may feel like you went into the future.

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