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The Met Brisbane, Guide & Review

Just huge! This is literally Brisbane’s biggest nightclub. The multi-levelled venue offers an astonishing three levels with four different dance floors, each one with it’s own DJ.

Electronic music reins here, in a variety of styles. Drum’n’bass, trance, psy; if you like electronic music of any kind, there is a night for you. In fact, The Met is proud of throwing in an indoor rave party every now and then.

The club doesn’t spare expenses in bringing in international talents to disk jockey their many dance floors. Their sound desks have seen DJs from the UK, the U.S., Japan, Israel and others. They keep a regular calendar of events and shows. Check their website for more details.

Aside from the obvious – tonnes of room for busting our dance moves – having such a huge space has a few other advantages. Numerous rooms, means more bar outlets, meaning fewer lines to get a drink. Same goes for bathroom cues.

Different strokes for different folks. The place offers a variety of ambiences, so it feels like you are having many night outs, just in one. Downstairs, cosy booths with comfy cushions give patrons a little privacy and space for them to lounge whilst chatting over cocktails. Upstairs, the huge dance floor with an overlooking balcony provides plenty of room for busting out those moves; and the Coco Room, yet another smaller and more private is another option for having a break from the dance floor, whilst grabbing a drink.

There is a VIP area – a lounge with a stunning middle-eastern themed décor, for those who want to take the experience to another level.

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