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X Cargo Brisbane, Guide & Review

A great, and typically Australian watering hole. The relaxed atmosphere offers plenty of outdoor spaces and greenery, with slick wooden tables and light coloured umbrellas, the vibe almost feels as if you were chilling at a beach house.

It is the perfect place to meet the mates for a drink and a bite to eat, any time of the day or night. In fact, they actually open for breakfast, with a breakfast menu to go with it, including hangover cure recommendations.

During the day, you will find a family friendly environment. The venue even has a playground, so the kids can be distracted whilst the adults are enjoying their playtime. At night, the live music transforms the place. What earlier felt like a chilled pub, now feels like a bustling night club.

They have resident DJs on most night, playing live music and keeping patrons pumped, but they also bring artists from afar, including from the UK and the United States.

The menu offers all the Aussie pub options – salads, burgers, chicken parmy, fish and chips and the whole shebang. Beers are served frosty and on tap, but the bar also has a wide selection of bottled beers too. Fancy looking cocktails, a wine list that is very respectable, batch brew ciders; everything you can expect from a well-equipped bar, but with a PLUS: as a differential from most placed, X Cargo has bottle service.

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