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Sub Rosa Brisbane, Guide & Review

If you wanna dance to some electronic music, Sub Rosa is where you should head! It will serve you a night full of pure underground music. Spicy house, techno, prog, psytrance, glitch, dub, D&B, you name it. Formerly known as Capulet is by far the most iconic nightclub in Brisbane for underground dance music! With super comfy lounges, state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, full of talented DJs performing here, and new spicy events hosted every weekend, this is the only place in Brisbane for whatever your penchant might be in the underground electronic music realm. This club will make you move your body through their delicious VOID system!

Sub Rosa also features a courtyard with its own bar, so you can enjoy the valley of Queensland stars at night while sipping their skillfully curated collection of cocktails and beers. And when the weather turns harsh, unlike some other clubs where you will have to move inside and resume your party there, here you don’t have to move an inch, the courtyard’s retractable roof will save your day!

Hire the whole place to yourself and have the experience of a private club, or book a VIP booth that can accommodate up to 12 people and celebrate here! Sub Rosa hosts all kinds of events, including corporate functions, business meetings, Christmas parties, birthdays, university or college events, social clubs, and engagement celebrations. Fair Security guards and jolly bartenders will ensure that you will have the utmost fun without any disruption. With its professional and friendly staff coupled with talented DJs, this club delivers some of the finest electronic music in a comfortable and warm atmosphere through one of the finest sound systems in Brisbane! Sub Rosa truly is a treat for techno lovers!

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