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Our Place Brisbane, Guide & Review

Our place, as the name suggests, is made to be homey, to make you feel cozy. The walls are covered with portraits of family and friends (real photos provided by the owners and the staff), giving it an undeniable personal touch to the venue’s atmosphere.

But portraits aren’t the whole decoration. The entire place is filled with garden gnomes, wicked-looking furniture and all the funky paraphernalia that is expected from a place where the creative design was set free.

Keeping in line with a personal atmosphere, Our Place tries to generate an experience that makes patrons feel as if they are attending a good old house party. From the white picket fence out the front, to all the pieces of things that you would normally find in a regular house – dressers, desktops, lamps, a basketball hoop – the idea is to make you feel like you are in somebody’s place; “Our Place”.

Our Place offers a hand-picked selection of craft beers and boutique ciders, from regional and Australian batch breweries. Most proudly, the venue is well known for its (believe it or not) Teapot, unapologetically so.

They keep it casual. They want you to feel at home, so no need for fancy shoes or a bow tie here.

There is one thing that Our Place has, that most house parties don’t: International talent behind the music. They often bring amazing DJ’s from all over the world, aside from having their own local talents. Check their Facebook page to see who is playing when.

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