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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Manchester

1) South Manchester

South Manchester was formed in 1995 and is still going strong due to its commitment to remain away from the tired old vibe and style of mainstream, popular clubs. With a Funktion One sound system, it creates the perfect platform for DJs to give the visitors a unique experience. The club is only open from 11 PM to 3:30 or 4 AM on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with Saturday being the highlight. So, make sure you schedule your visit accordingly and plan ahead if you don’t want to miss out on all the excitement.

2) The Birdcage Manchester

The Birdcage Manchester is a part of the Manchester Arndale, located in the heart of the Manchester city. It was founded back in 2006 and has been providing with the people of Manchester with some of the best club nights in the area since then. The club is open for only three nights during the week; Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. All three nights are dedicated to unique events of their own, but Saturday is when you can have a Vegas experience with drag artists, dancers, and showgirls performing different shows throughout the night, so make sure to plan your clubbing trip accordingly.

3) Tiger Tiger Manchester

Tiger Tiger Manchester is a club located in The Printworks, which is a popular clubbing area in the city. There is plenty of fun to go around for anyone who ventures out to Tiger Tiger; you can eat, drink, dance, and party the night away in style, all under one roof. There are eight different rooms in the club, all catering to the different tastes of the diverse crowd it attracts; whether you want to relax at the Tiger Bar or jam out to hip hop music in The White Room, there is something for everyone.

4) Mint Lounge Manchester

Mint Lounge Manchester is a club that is Located in one of the coolest areas of the city of Manchester, known as the Northern Quarter, Mint Lounge also happens to be one of the best venues for clubbing and hosting live music events or parties. DJs at the club know how to rock the dance floor with everything from party starters too long lost classics that can make anyone dance till they drop.

5) FAC251 – Factory Manchester

FAC251 – Factory Manchester is a club spread over three floors, with plenty of rooms that all offer a different experience to the visitors. The club is open for four days a week, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all of which are packed with a range of events to keep you entertained. The music played at the club includes everything from indie and pop to house and rock and roll. For those who want something new, there are regular live band shows as well. No matter how you like to party, you are bound to find something fun at FAC251.

6) 42’s Manchester

42’s Manchester is also known as the 42nd street night club, and the thing it is known for most is being a nice place for nice people who want to experience the city’s unique nightlife. It has been around for decades, dating back to when George Best, a Manchester legend, opened it as Slack Alices in 1963.

7) Club Liv Manchester

Club Liv Manchester is a VIP night club and one of the most popular venues in the city. It combines an exclusive club with a beautiful terrace bar and even better restaurant, providing the visitors with elegance and style in every corner. In the lower level, there is a swish night club with LED walls and a raised booth for live DJs. The bar is decorated with marble, and large booths line the dance floor so the guests can sit down, enjoy their drinks and have a good time.

8) The Venue Manchester

The Venue Manchester is night club is a favourite among students, hipsters and people who like to drink and party. It is open only three days a week, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and all three days have a different style and vibe for the visitors. However, each night is dedicated to one thing above all else; giving the visitors the best music to dance and party to.

9) Fifth Manchester

Fifth Manchester Nightclub is one of the most popular clubs in the city of Manchester. Located on Princess Street, the club has made a name for itself among the younger crowd, particularly the students. It regularly has offers and special deals for students, along with some truly iconic events and parties, which attracts everyone who’s looking for something new and exciting.

10) Viva Manchester

Viva Manchester nightclub is located in the heart of the city of Manchester and happens to be one of the hottest clubs in the area. It has three rooms for guests to enjoy themselves in, where everything from dance to R&B music is played all through the night. Three bars and private VIP booths, along with cutting edge lighting and sound systems make the club into a venue that you absolutely have to experience to appreciate the city’s nightlife.

11) History Manchester

History Manchester Nightclub is the only super club in the city of Manchester located just off Deansgate, in the heart of the City Centre. Located on Longworth Street, the club resides inside the former Suede club and gives a nod to the history of the building with its name. The team behind the club wanted to pay tribute to the building that houses the club, which dates back to 1900 and was once the place where the BBC orchestra played.

12) Lola Lo Manchester

Lola Lo Manchester is known as the tiki tavern of the city, with some of the best parties you could possibly have the opportunity to go to. The club is full of artisans who are there to enjoy the delicious cocktails and dance to some of the nicest tunes on a dazzling dance floor. The club is housed over three floors and has a capacity for 560 guests. The venue is a multi-level tiki paradise with a lower ground floor, a ground floor, and a mezzanine floor, all of which have something unique for the guests to enjoy. There are live shows by some of the best DJs in the city and drinks you can otherwise only find on the beach.

13) K2 Karaoke Manchester

K2 Karaoke Manchester nightclub is located in the heart of the Manchester city and covers an area of more than 15,000 square feet. The club is the perfect mix of a karaoke bar and a night club, with 31 private, completely soundproof karaoke booths, all of which have state of the art equipment and have been designed individually.

14) Satans Hollow Manchester

Satans Hollow Manchester is one of the only venues in Manchester that is dedicated solely to Punk, Rock and Metal music which makes it pretty famous among the younger crowd who knows how to party. The dance floor is surrounded by two bars where visitors can find some delicious, cheap drinks. And once you’re drunk enough, the huge Satan’s statue behind the DJ’s booth gets quite interesting. Lastly, the entrance age limit is 18 and above.

15) Void Manchester

Void Manchester is One of the premier gay clubs in Manchester, VOID can be found in the heart of the city’s gay village. It is known as the perfect late-night, underground club which throws the best parties for people from the community. The club only closes on Thursday, so for the rest of the week, you can have something fun and exciting to do no matter when you go in. For instance, you can attend the Filthy Gorgeous nights of Tuesday, or the LIT party the club has on Fridays, or go in for VOID Afterhours to experience the best of what the club has to offer.

16) Cruz 101 Manchester

Cruz 101 Manchester is one the biggest, most popular gay clubs in the city of Manchester, located inside an old warehouse building in the city’s Gay Village. The club is one of the longest-running gay venues in Manchester as it has been around for more than twenty years. The club is open from Wednesdays to Sundays and plays all sorts of music to keep the guests entertained, including pop, R&B, disco, funky pop, trance, and house music. The latest lighting and sound systems make sure the party never stops. If you’re in Manchester and part of the gay community, Cruz 101 has to be on your list of places to visit.

17) Ark Manchester

Ark Manchester club is located by the canal, on Deansgate Locks, and is among the hippest, most modern and premium venues in the city when it comes to clubbing. The club has a pub-style menu for its guests, along with some of the best cocktails and drinks you’ll find in a club, all of which are very reasonably priced.

18) Banyan Spinningfields Manchester

Banyan Spinning fields Manchester is a cool cocktail bar that offers fancy and stylish drinks as well as tasty food. It is located in Spinningfields, Manchester. The menu consists of internationally inspired dishes for customers to choose from, such as curries, pasta, etc. The lunch and brunch menu also has a wide variety of food items for customers to choose from. In addition to the good food, the bar is stocked with tasty cocktails, spirits, and ales, with experienced bartenders providing these tasty concoctions. The bar is easily affordable. Moreover, there is no door charge. In addition, there is no specific dress code requirement. Lastly, only customers 18 and above can enter.

19) Bar 21 Manchester

Bar 21 Manchester is a film, movie, and music inspired bar in Northern Quarter, Manchester. It has a strong retro vibe with influence from the 80s. Moreover, it is decorated with old television and movie decorations. In addition, Bar 21 hosts many different themed nights such as ‘Chill Out Tuesday’. Furthermore, there is also a DJ available to provide with the perfect music to set the mood. Alongside this, there may even be live music nights to keep fans interested. The bar has a great stock of different kinds of ales, cocktails, and wines to match the taste of each customer. Bar 21 is a great bar to visit with families, businessmen, and even partygoers.

20) BrewDog Manchester

BrewDog Manchester is a lounge bar in Deansgate, Manchester. This bar is one of the most popular craft beer bars in the city, with wide varieties of beers from all over the world. BrewDog also has a range of their own classic beers, which customers enjoy greatly. In addition to the beers, the bar itself is quite inviting with its huge glass front entrance and a small terrace, providing a more intimate setting. In addition to the traditional beers, BrewDog maintains a contemporary outlook, thus attracting customers. Moreover, this bar has no specific dress code and age limit for entrance is 18 above.

21) Be At One Manchester

Be At One Manchester is a cool and quirky bar located in Manchester. They are famous for their cool bartending techniques and creative cocktails all across the UK. Moreover, they bring the party atmosphere with each branch they open, providing a platform for partygoers to enjoy thoroughly. In addition, their bar contains the greatest variety of spirits, ales, and cocktails to stir the Manchester nightlife drastically. Furthermore, the bar is easily affordable and has no entry charge. There is no specific strictness regarding clothing either. Furthermore, the bar usually does not have any queues at the entrance, however, the age limit for entrance is 18 and above.

22) Black Sheep Coffee Manchester

Black Sheep Coffee Manchester is a bar in Manchester that not only provides the best coffee in the area during the day but is also a very popular bar at night. The bar serves a wide variety of cocktails, beers, and wines that people can enjoy after a long day. In addition, the cozy environment and interior adds to the feel of a coffeehouse and is the perfect spot for live music events. Furthermore, the food is also quite tasty and is definitely worth a visit, whether during the day or night. Moreover, there is no specific age limit, except on the alcohol, which is allowed to ages 18 and above.

23) Dirty Martini Manchester

Dirty Martini Manchester is a London brand that just decided to open its first branch in Deansgate, Manchester. The bar is spaced out over three floors, with cool and quirky interior all over, to attract partygoers. The cocktail list contains a wide variety of drinks but focuses more on martinis. Moreover, the food menu is also packed with tasty food items for customers to try on a night out. In addition, a dancefloor is also present to add a more party atmosphere and to ensure customers enjoy greatly. There is no specific dress code requirement. The age limit of entrance into this bad is 18 and above.

24) Flight Club Manchester

Flight Club Manchester is a party bar that has taken the traditional game of darts and has transformed it completely, making into a game that is worth a try and a visit to the bar. This exciting party bar is located on Kings Street and combines the fun multiplayer games with a bar serving delicious drinks. In addition to the games and tasty cocktails, the bar also provides tasty food for customers to munch on during darts matches. Furthermore, the bar is quite affordable and has no door entrance charge. The dress code is casual with no specific requirements and has an age drop-off of 18 and above.

25) Dog Bowl Manchester

Dog Bowl Manchester is a mix of drinking, dining and bowling joint, located in Manchester. It is the third store opened by the Black Dog chain and is very popular amongst the locals. The interior of this joint is very sophisticated with classy wooden floors and a contemporary set up. Furthermore, the bar is stocked with classy signature cocktails as well as different types of beers, spirits, and ales. The food scene is also quite popular at Dog Bowl, with options ranging from pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and salads. This bar is ideal for a night out with friends who are searching for a unique hangout spot.

26) Las Iguanas Deansgate Manchester

Las Iguanas Deansgate Manchester is a lively cocktail bar, in Deansgate. It provides a Latin American environment for customers to enjoy, with low lighting and Latino music. The attraction of this bar is no secret; however, it is not pocket-friendly and is not the perfect spot for a typical student night out. Moreover, the food is also delicious and has traditional Latin recipes for customers to try out. The dress code for the club is casual. The age limit drop-off is 18 and above, after 9 pm. In addition, street side tables are also present to provide a more intimate outdoor setting.

27) Revolucion de Cuba Manchester

Revolucion de Cuba Manchester is a Latin-inspired bar in Deansgate, Manchester that provides a tropical escape for customers as soon as they enter. The tiled floors, tall ceilings, and a long front bar add to the vibe of the bar. In addition to the tropical vibe, the cocktails are cheap and tasty. Moreover, traditional Latin food is also available for customers to try. Furthermore, the bar also plays live music occasionally and is a perfect date spot for young couples. In addition, a dancefloor is also present to add more to the tropical party atmosphere. No specific dress code is required to enter the bar.

28) Revolution Fallowfield Manchester

Revolution Fallowfield Manchester is quite a popular bar because of its affordable rates. One of the bars from this chain is located in Fallowfield, Manchester, with an intimate and sophisticated interior. Moreover, the club has three different types of bars and cozy and intimate seating space. Revolution mainly focuses on the student scene; therefore, every Thursday is ‘I LOVE VODKA’ night with a DJ present around the clock to provide the best tunes. In addition to the tasty cocktails, spirits, and ales, the food scene is also quite popular at Revolution. The entry for people is free, however only 18 and above customers are allowed

29) Revolution Deansgate Locks Manchester

Revolution Deansgate Locks Manchester bar is a cocktail bar located in Deansgate Locks and is considered an exquisite drinking and dining spot amongst the locals. The ground floor of the bar gives off a ‘warehouse’ vibe through the manner of construction. Furthermore, the bar downstairs attracts a large crowd of partygoers as well as businesspeople. In addition to the vibe, Revolution is also famous because of the wide array of cocktails and flavored vodkas that they offer. Moreover, the bar itself is also quite cheap and is happily affordable. A dancefloor is also present so customers can enjoy their nights fully. Lastly, the age limit for customers is 18 and above.

30) The Crafty Pig Manchester

The Crafty Pig Manchester has opened shop in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Manchester. As the name suggests, the joint is famous for all kinds of burgers, juicy grilled meats and much more. The food joint also has a bar that is stocked with all kinds of beers, spirits, and ales to drink with your meals. Food and drinks are easily affordable. Moreover, there is no entry charge. There is no specific dress code. In addition to the good food and drinks, the club also provides good music in the background for customers to enjoy. The age for entrance is 18 and above.

31) The Ruby Lounge Manchester

The Ruby Lounge Manchester is a live music bar located in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. The bar has a humble entrance but leads to gem-like club downstairs. The club is New York inspired, with an L-shaped club and a stage, with seating areas in the corner of the club. In addition to the interior, the club is also quite popular for its live music nights. Indie and acoustic bands come from all over to perform in this joint. Furthermore, the opening license for the bar extends to 4 am, leaving lots of room for partygoers to enjoy their nights to the fullest. The entrance fee is cheap, but the drinks make up for the price, as the bar itself is not pocket-friendly.

32) The Whiskey Jar Manchester

The Whiskey Jar Manchester is a cool and sophisticated bar that is spread over 2 floors. In addition, there are 2 bars available, and comfortable seating for customers. The downstairs area also has a DJ available to provide funky tunes for customers to enjoy. Moreover, the bar also hosts live music nights, making it more attractive for locals. In addition, a terrace is also present for a more intimate setting, with room to host parties. Furthermore, the bar also offers a wide variety of cocktails as well as premium whiskey for customers to choose from. Lastly, food options are also available to enjoy with your whiskeys.

33) Tribeca Manchester

Tribeca Manchester is a famous bar in Manhattan, however, Manchester has applied its own take on the bar. This bar is located in the center of Manchester’s gay village. It provides an upbeat and vibrant vibe in a New York-style lounge bar. In addition to the vibe, jazz music is playing consistently in the background during the day and upbeat songs during the night. Furthermore, the B.E.D bar located downstairs, which stands for beverage, entertainment, and dining, and has real beds laid down on the dancefloor. The drinks are of a reasonable price. The food is tasty. Moreover, themed nights such as ‘half-price cocktail’ nights are also carried out throughout the week.

34) Zombie Shack Manchester

Zombie Shack Manchester is a tiki shack located on New Wakefield Street, Manchester, United KingdomStreet, Manchester. The club is famously known for its blend of rum-based cocktails in a Polynesian themed bar. In addition, this colorful and Polynesian themed bar contains everything you would need on a fun night out with friends. Moreover, a DJ is also present to provide funky and fun tunes in the background to completely enjoy the ambiance. The bar is also open for late. So if you like partying, Zombie Sh can enjoy the night. In addition, the bar is also happily affordable, with no specific emphasis on the required dress code.

35) 17 Below Manchester

17 Below Manchester is a themed bar in Manchester. It takes inspiration from the 80s arcade and pool scene with a hint of a speakeasy environment. The bar is located in the basement. It has two full-sized pool tables and retro arcade machines to create the perfect 80s arcade ambiance. Moreover, the bar maintains a chill vibe so not more than 50 people are allowed inside at once, so everyone gets a chance to enjoy the arcade games. In addition to the gaming environment, the bar provides tasty and cool drinks. Moreover, these drinks are gaming-themed, to keep you interested. The drinks list has many different types of beers, wines and spirits to satisfy all your demands.

36) Coyote Ugly Manchester

Coyote Ugly Manchesterhas now finally opened its doors in Manchester. The famous American party bars are now open for residents in the UK to relive the American spirit. Attendees can experience parties and drinks, as well as juicy BBQ. Moreover, the bar is also famous for its coyotes, who sing, dance and are the life of the party. In addition, the coyotes are also responsible for keeping the thirst of their customers in check by providing tasty cocktails, shots, and whiskeys until they are satisfied. A dance floor is also present to add to the party environment. Lastly, only 18 above partygoers can enter the bar.

37) O’Sheas Manchester

O’Sheas Manchester is an Irish bar located near Oxford Road, Manchester that provides the local residents to experience the spirit of Ireland. Initially, the bar will be hard to spot, but once you have the spacious and clean décor, it will be hard to forget. Furthermore, the bar’s decor is coated in green and white. This cozy pub also has live music playing from Wednesdays to Sundays. Furthermore, the drinks are in abundance and range from beers, wines, and spirits to classic as well as rare whiskeys. In addition, the bar also attracts a diverse crowd of people and is perfect for meeting new people. Moreover, the drinks are also cheap. Lastly, only people 18 and above can enter.

38) Q Cavern Manchester

Q Cavern Manchester is a restaurant by day and a bar by night which is located on the Northern Quarter, Manchester. This bar offers tasty food items with an African twist during the day, and at night turns into a bar that plays house, garage, and dubstep, making it a lively night for partygoers. Moreover, the bar is also stocked with tasty drinks and cocktails to get the customers in the party feel. A large crowd comes in on the weekends because of the event discounts that the bar gives. Furthermore, drinks are also happily affordable. A dance floor is also present to add to the party atmosphere.

39) The Deaf Institute Manchester

The Deaf Institute Manchester  is a live music bar located in the student hub of Manchester. The club has three bars in different locations, adding to their diversity so people drink wherever they feel comfortable. The basement bar is dark and more suited to evening cocktail parties, the ground floor acts as a cool casual place for drinks with friends, and the upstairs music hall is perfect for dancing and drinking the night away. Moreover, the bar also offers cheap drinks with an occasional happy hour for even cheaper drinks. A rooftop terrace is also present for a more open and intimate setting. Lastly, the bar is also likely to attract a large crowd of students because of the location and cheap drinks.

40) 20 Stories Manchester

20 Stories Manchester is situated on the twentieth floor of the number 1 spring fields heights. It provides a scenic experience to its customers. They get to see the gleaming skyline of the city from its beautifully designed terrace based bar. Furthermore, the cocktail bar has an extremely impressive list of wines, ales, and innovative cocktails. Apart from its menu that contains 56 types of whiskeys, 30 types of gins, 25 types of rums and a plethora of choices of tequilas, mescals, and exotic cognacs. 20 stories also host live music and food tasting events that you surely don’t want to miss. However, smart dressing guarantees entry into the establishment.

41) Arcane Manchester

Arcane Manchester  is a project from the same team that bought Apotheca to the spotlight thus winning it the distinguished best bar of Manchester award. The establishment is home to innovative cocktail makers who take immense pride in their products. Exotic ales are also served at Arcane some which harken back to the old Irish Pubs of the north. The Arcane also hosts frequent quiz nights with a tasting of their latest creations in order to keep relevant with the constantly changing landscape that surrounds them. Live music echoes the establishment of luring
crowds in looking or a good time. The bar strictly follows the 18 and above rule for alcohol consumption.

42) The Bay Horse Tavern Manchester

The Bay Horse Tavern Manchester is a modern and innovative take at the pub culture. It is situated on Thomas Street in the northern quarter of the city of Manchester.  The pub is an ideal spot for individual looking to enjoy their evenings socializing and enjoying craft ales and beers. Furthermore, The Bay Horse Tavern is also an ideal spot to experiment with your taste pallet with the impressive list of cocktails. The staff is also seasoned enough to make the establishment an ideal spot for enjoyment. Moreover, to attract local community members to join in and enjoy, frequent musical events are organized. The bar strictly emphasis on the above 18 rule for admission and alcohol consumption.

43) Sandinista Manchester

Sandinista Manchester is a cantina bar, which is inspired by Spanish tapas, live music, and Cuban cocktails. This bar takes its name from The Clash’s fourth album, and therefore plays rock and roll music in the background. The walls have posters and album covers of famous rock bands like Bob Marley, Nirvana, and The Arctic Monkeys. Furthermore, the setting is also mainly mahogany. This bar serves food till 10 pm every night, after which, the party begins and lasts till 3 am. A DJ is available to provide funky tunes. Moreover, the bar contains different kinds of tasty cocktails and global beers to meet your requirements. The downstairs bar is perfect for intimate settings and private parties.

44) Vesper Manchester

Vesper Manchester is a sleek, light-filled bar for cocktails with a heated outdoor terrace located just off King Street in Manchester City Centre. Inspired by the Grand Hotels of 1920s Europe and the golden age of decadence, Vesper aims to create the perfect evening – no matter what the occasion is. Ideal for an intimate table of 2 or more lavish parties accommodating up to 120 people. The bar

45) Twenty Twenty Two Manchester

Twenty Twenty Two Manchester started out as an open event space. Artists and innovators used to frequent this place to discuss ideas over drinks and socialize. The walls would be painted in murals to show an image of the times. Soon, the establishment remodeled into a cocktail bar and shot bar with an impressive array of drinks cocktails. The bar also holds exhibitions, live musical events, and product launches. Usually, it attracts a mellow crowd which flocks to the bar to have a nice drink and socialize.

46) The Wharf Manchester

The Wharf Manchester is located where there were once remnants of an old warehouse dating back to the 1820s. It is a cozy oasis where locals gather to socialize and enjoy theirs after works drinks. As the wharf is situated on the bans of a canal, it’s outdoor seating on the tennis is especially crowded season around. The establishment has an extensive list of alcoholic drinks which includes nine types of ales, fifty types of wines, fifty types of malt whiskeys and sixty types of gins and tonics. The establishment also organizes live music. Tasting events are organized here which makes this family-friendly pub a cornerstone of the local community.

47) Tattu Manchester

Tattu Manchester is a cocktail bar opened its doors to customers in April 2015 in the bustling area if Manchester called Springfields. The interior décor designed by Edwin Pickett that is a reflection of the oriental heritage. Furthermore, these alcoholic products reflect this heritage. Tattu’s cocktail list houses some of the most innovative cocktail combinations that are bound to take the customers in a new dimension. Moreover, a wide list of wines, gins, rums, and whiskeys is available here. The bar organizes live musical nights and tasting sessions which gives the customers a memorable experience. The bar strictly follows the 18 and above rule for alcohol consumption.

48) Cane & Grain Manchester

Cane & Grain Manchester is a speakeasy situated in the Northern Quarter of the city of Manchester, Cane & Grain is an award-winning modern and innovative take on the Irish Pub and Shot Bar of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The lounging area of the establishment where customers wait for their drinks to arrive is has full table service. The interior is equally mesmerizing as wood paneling on walls and taxidermy installations harken back to the old drinking culture. Cane & Grain also hosts cocktail making masterclasses with live music nights for customers to enjoy their night out. The establishment strictly follows the 18 and above rule for alcohol consumption and service in the premises.

49) Roxy Ball Room Manchester

Roxy Ball Room Manchester is located near Deansgate in the heart of Manchester near the Manchester arena and the royal exchange theater. It is an 18000 square foot cocktail bar and beer lounge that serves craft beers and delicious and innovative cocktails. The massive venue also hosts a designated party area that can be hired in advance with an onsight swimming pool. The owners of the establishment wanted to make this place the one-stop venue for socializing and overall good time. Hence, they installed an arcade and mini golf on site. The bar also serves some of the best wines, gins, beers, whiskey, and rums on customer demand. The bar strictly follows the 18 and above rule for alcohol consumption.

50) Pen and Pencil Manchester

Pen and Pencil Manchester is a beer and cocktail bar that also serves the role of a speakeasy. The pen and pencil is situated on the Hilton and Tariff Street in Manchester’s northern quarter. Drawing inspiration from the early 20th-century bar on the 142nd street in New York City, Pen and Pencil provide a list of exotic craft ales and beers for its customers to enjoy. The bar also hosts live music events hosted by Manchester’s finest DJs, bands and performers. Moreover, the bar also hosts tasting nights for its customers immersing them in their newest beers and cocktails.  It is open from 5 all the way until the early hours of the morning. The bar strictly follows the 18 and above rule for alcohol consumption.

51) MOJO Manchester

MOJO Manchester is a speakeasy, shot bar and a cocktail bar all rolled into one. Furthermore, It is the most celebrated bar in the whole of Manchester. Located on Bridge Street in the vicinity of Deansgate, the bar opened its doors in 1996. It aimed at customers looking for a classic Americana experience of the turn of the century. Furthermore, the bar combines an extravagant list of great liquor and beer selection. Along with this, karaoke and live music help give an incredible experience to the customers. Along with these, the establishment also houses its eclectic collection of rums with examples sourced from all corners of the globe for its customers on demand.

52) Lock 91 Manchester

Lock 91 Manchester is beautiful building has now been refurbished back to its former glory. Hence, opened as an independent bar with a home away from home atmosphere in August 2012. It’s a place to relax, unwind and wash away the worries of everyday life in the Reception bar or quaint Parlour. Furthermore, perch your self outside on the sun terrace where you are encouraged to enjoy with your best mates. The bar provides for an eccentric cornerstone of the community to get together. The bar strictly follows the 18 and above rule for alcohol consumption.

53) Liquor Store Manchester

Liquor Store Manchester pays homage to the greatest Manchester exports in film, drama, and Music such as Steve Coogan, the Oasis, the Smiths, Morrissey, the bee gees, Davy Jones and many more. It is located off the end of Deans Gate, near the Manchester Arena. This cocktail and beer bar is a cultural centerpiece for the community as it celebrates everything Manchester. Its menu of alcoholic drinks is equally remarkable is it is a reflection of the rich drinking culture of Manchester. The bar organizes live musical events and if you are in luck you might meet your idol there as celebrities. The bar strictly follows the 18 and above rule for admission and alcohol consumption.

54) The Liars Manchester

The Liars Manchester is packed with rum, fun, cocktails and Tiki craziness; a million miles from the gloomy streets of Manchester up above. With its rock and reggae soundtrack, kitsch Polynesian décor, exotic trinkets, flaming Zombies and sharing cocktails, it serves the North West’s most extensive collection of rum. Open until 04:00. The bar is a cornerstone of the local community with the establishment strictly following the 18 and above rule for admission and alcohol consumption in the premises.

55) Junkyard Manchester

Junkyard Manchester  is an innovative take on an idea that includes multiple genres of recreational activities combined. Moreover, a list of impressive alcoholic cocktails are served at this stylish cocktail and shot bar. The junkyard bar opened its new premises on First Street. Mini golf, ping pong tables, and arcades. The whole idea of fusing these activities is to bring the community together on drinks and fun activities. The bar also hosts live music and tasting events for its customers. However, a strict rule for over 18s regarding alcohol consumption in place is observed. Although the idea of its mere existence may seem abnormal, the junkyard bar has garnered positive reviews. Raring to open its branches in other cities as well.

56) Crazy Pedro’s Manchester

Crazy Pedro’s Manchester as the name suggests, is an extremely fun spot for the locals to hang out in the Manchester area. A tequila and mezcal bar that opened its doors in 2005, crazy per serves some of the best cocktails, tequilas, frozen margaritas, cold hooch and boasts Manchester’s largest mezcal selection for its customers to enjoy. The bar echoes with traditional Latin music and dance parties that attract some of the best musicians and dancers to the establishment. Furthermore, Crazy Pedro’s bar serves some of the best pizza and nachos on the sides to soak up all the booze. Although, the bar strictly follows the 18 and above rule for alcohol consumption.

57) Cottonpolis Manchester

Cottonpolis Manchester is a cocktail bar that is the heart of the local community that it serves. Ideal place for socializing and after work drinks, it lights up the northern quarter area of Piccadilly with vibrant lighting and live music performances. Furthermore, this particular cocktail bar specializes in innovative takes on conventional Japanese cocktails and fresh ales. Moreover, the sakes and exotic
wines on the menu here are also to die for. With future endeavors into serving true to Japanese culture whiskeys and gins on the cards, this place is sure to blow up in popularity citing the already positive review regarding its Japanese food. The establishment strictly follows the 18 and above rule for alcohol serving.

58) Cask Manchester

Cask Manchester is a community favorite boasting an extensive menu list of craft beers. German wheat beers, string Belgian and American imported beers, and Scandinavian imported alcoholic beverages are available too. Furthermore, the establishment also houses a beautiful beer garden for customers to enjoy. Moreover,  Manchester’s musical and jukebox culture thoroughly reflects and intertwines in the bars heritage. In fact, the spot is ideal for customers to enjoy their evenings at socializing and listening to live musical performances from local artists and bands that highlight frequently. The bar strictly follows the 18 and above rule for alcohol consumption and service.

59) Bunny Jacksons Manchester

Bunny Jacksons Manchester is a product of the team responsible for some of the most famous bars and lounging ventures in Britain such as  Liar’s Club, Crazy Pedro’s, Junkyard Golf, Cane & Grain, The Bay Horse, and Wilderness Café. The bar echoes to the sound of live music of all genres especially jazz, rock, and soulful blues. Recreational activities also attract quite a crowd towards this cocktail bar with a live arcade, pool, and darts being the most notorious attractions amongst the customers. Apart from fabulous cocktails, spirits, and ales, the bar also hosts screenings of different sports attracting huge crowds which in turn produce a lively atmosphere. The bar strictly follows the above 18 rule of admission for alcohol consumption.

60) The Lounge Manchester

The Lounge Manchester is one of Manchester’s oldest venues. It is an urban night club that used to be known as Lounge 31 and then the Aura Bar. They revamped the establishment in 2018 and turned it into one of the most happening party places. The Lounge now consists of three different party rooms that can be booked for VIP events. RnB clubbing reaches a whole new level when you enter the exclusive Courvoisier Lounge that houses a cocktail bar and everything else needed for a great night out. The dance floor, stage and seating area has been designed to enhance the night club experience. They also have a sound system which boosts the acoustics and gets everyone in a groovy mood.

61) Bliss Manchester

Bliss Manchester is not like the other night clubs in Manchester because of the positive energy they resonate. Guests of the club are surprised by the ambiance and once they enter, they do not want to leave. Bliss is a nightclub that has an elegant interior and it provides a great environment for sending time with the people you care about. They are known for r their delicious cocktails and other concoctions. The atmosphere has the perfect balance of luxury as well as inclusiveness. The club opens till late at night and plays mostly Latin music. They often host live music artists from Ibiza so watch out for one of their events.

62) G-A-Y Manchester

G-A-Y Manchester is always a vibrant party because that is how the LGBT community prefers it. The venue is a safe place for anyone different to come and enjoy themselves. There is no judgement or hate here only love. The club frequently hosts parties, concerts, raffles and other events so you will never be bored. They are known for their drag performances and drag racing which are nights you do not want to miss. The music they play varies from the old classic hits to the latest billboard chart toppers. Sip on delicious drinks while you dance to your favorite song at the G-A-Y bar and club.

63) Bloom Manchester

Bloom Manchester is a night club that is open to people from all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. It used to be known as AXM club but has revamped itself and opened its doors under a new name. This club knows how to throw a party and they often host some of the best themed nights in the city. The club remains open throughout the week and there is always something happening there. Bloom often hosts cabaret shows and drag races which is why it is popular with many young people. You can also try your hand at karaoke at the club. The psychedelic lighting at the venue is another reason to choose it for your night out.

64) Vanilla Manchester

Vanilla Manchester is situated in the middle of the Gay Village in Manchester. It is considered a lesbian night club. The bar has won awards and is always bustling with a lively crowd. They offer great deals on drinks which is why it attracts a large crowd. The club hosts WTF Fridays which is a rave party playing all the club hits. The club also serves food and their burgers are well reviewed. If you are a fan of pop music, this is the place to be. The club remains open four nights every week and is also open to bookings for private events. You can celebrate your special occasion here or dance the night away with friendly strangers.

65) Islington Mill Manchester

Islington Mill Manchester is tucked away from the busy scene of Manchester’s nightlife. It is a creative hub where music collides with art. The venue used to be a cotton mill which was been restored into a club that hosts the best parties. It began in 2005 as an informal event space but after their success transformed into a full-fledged night club. If you are looking for a lace in Manchester that is different from the rest, then this is where you go. Many well-known artists have performed here, and they also balance it out with a mix of live DJs. The club is always packed, and it is where one goes to discovered new music and meet interesting people.

66) Soup Kitchen Manchester

Soup Kitchen Manchester is a hidden gem tucked away in the Northern Quarter of Manchester city. It stays true to its name and operates as a restaurant in the daytime. At night the colonial brick warehouse is turned into a raving night club. You can have a filling dinner in their canteen-style space and then head on downstairs for the party. The club has a well-stocked bar that serves wines and spirits as well as premium beer. The place remains open till late and has hosts live music acts as well as DJs. The club is in the basement so it has an underground vibe. You can check out their schedule for events because they also host comedy nights.

67) Gorillia Manchester

Gorillia Manchester is housed in a former theatre and it is one of the best multi-purpose venues in the city. It is not only a night club but also a restaurant, bar and live venue. It is a cool place to hangout with your friends and the minimal interior décor will take you back to the good old days. They have a gin parlor inside where a wide variety of tonics and cocktails are made to order. You can grab a bite to eat before you head on to the dance floor or grab something in between songs. The club has the capacity to house 600 people and often hosts live music gigs on stage. You can also book the entire mezzanine floor for your private event.

68) The Warehouse Project Manchester

The Warehouse Project Manchester is inside an actual industrial warehouse which is known for its club nights that showcase the biggest international DJs and live acts. For 12 weeks every year, there are back to back parties planned which you should not miss. The project began in 2006 and it was one of the forerunners of the clubbing movement. The Warehouse Project is at the epicenter of the dance club music and should not be missed. Their lighting is also state of the art and they have one of the biggest sound systems in the world. The Warehouse Project offers an experience like no other and you have to see it to believe it. The guest lists fills up early so make sure you book your spot ahead of time.

69) Salsa En Manchester

Salsa En Manchester is a common point for all those united in their passion for Salsa to gather and enjoy themselves. They offer dance classes during the day time and open to all those who enjoy to dance at night. The club has its own house DJ, Latino Vladimir Cativo who has been playing Latin music since his early days. The venue is used for promotional events and hosts sponsored parties as well. Salsa Nights are mainly on weekends i.e. Friday and Saturday nights when different flavors of Bachata, Reggaeton and Latin music blasts from the speakers. For an authentic taste of Latino culture and nightlife, Salsa En Manchester is the best place around.

70) Latin Party Manchester

Latin Party Manchester as the name suggests hosts Salsa and Latin nights that are known all over the UK. They have Bachata Socials, Salsa Fests and Reggaeton Parties that are mostly filled with students of the area. The venue is unique in the resect that is follows a specialized theme. For the very best entertainment, you have to go to Latin arty. They also have salsa classes and trained teachers for those who are beginners. The club has a very friendly environment and you can go there just to socialize. Their themed events are scheduled for every week so check the calendar before making any pans.

71) Kraak Gallery Manchester

Kraak Gallery Manchester is hidden in the back alleys of Northern Quarter, Manchester and it is a multi-purpose hall that hosts exhibitions in the daytime and becomes a nightclub after dark. The club is underground and does not have a sign outside either. It is inside a textiles studio that has now been converted into an event hall. The club offers entertainment in the form of live music and DJ acts. Kraak is a refreshing venue in the banal night life of Manchester. It attracts crowds from House fans to those who appreciate art. Their opening times keep varying so it is better to check their schedule before visiting. The hidden gem is a necessary addition to the Manchester’s nightlife.

72) Rebellion Manchester

Rebellion Manchester was founded in 2013 and it is situated right in the city center. It is a large hall that also plays live music and has the capacity to hold up to 400 guests. The night club is a center for alternative and house music. You can hear other genres being played here too because this is a club for the people. You can also book the event for your private party or performance. The club is in demand and it gets booking requests from many interested parties. There are a variety of drinks available and you can order savoury snacks as well.

73) Indigo Manchester

Indigo Manchester is a club that has a very chill vibe that everyone can enjoy. The venue is known for hosting regular EDM nights which are their most popular events. The staff at the night club is very friendly and has been rated high by all their guests. Many students also frequent this establishment for their great deals on drinks. The dance floor is filled with people who enjoy dancing to electronic beats. They invite the top DJs from all over the country and also from abroad. There is a ping gong table at the club as well for those who want to have a quick game.