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A life without music is meaningless, and Techno music has that factor in reinvigorating a tired soul. A nightclub dedicated to Techno music can help you recover from a draining work week, and Virginia Beach is the place to be for that. You can enter any one of the venues on our list and get transported to another dimension. They have the proper lighting and sound system to keep you entertained for hours. The special effects add another level of excitement for those on the dancefloor because they can match their moves to the changing colors. Each of the nightclubs has large dance floors, so you will have enough space to pull off some ambitious dance moves. If you are in the mood for a full-scale rave, then Virginia Beach is the place to be. These clubs cater to everyone, and there is no age limit when it comes to Techno music. You will be able to have a good time no matter which club you choose from our list. We have included intimate underground clubs, swanky VIP lounges, and any other venue which will appeal to a Techno fan. Continue reading to find out where you will be spending your Friday night.

Rainbow Cactus Company Virginia Beach

Rainbow Cactus Company Virginia Beach

Rainbow Cactus Company is the best LGBTQIA+ nightclub in Virginia Beach. It is a place where anyone can go regardless of background, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. They provide a safe space for anyone who is a little different. The club is known for its unforgettable drag shows, and on certain days of the week, you can see the queens belt out songs, act out plays and entertain you to no end. The venue is a hip location, and you can find all the eccentric personalities of the Tidewater area here on a typical weekend night.

Chemistry Virginia Beach

Chemistry Virginia Beach

Chemistry is an oceanfront nightclub in Virginia Beach, and their tagline “everyone is welcome” explains the vibe. They attract locals and tourists alike because of this message. The venue serves food during the early hours, but it is all dancing and drinks once the night progresses. The staff there maintains a fully stocked bar, and the bartenders are locals who are always there to serve you with a smile. The DJ’s playlist at Chemistry is bound to please everyone because it includes almost every genre of music. Whether you are young or old, you will find yourself fitting right in with the crowd here.

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Now that you have gone through our list, you will realize that the city is the place to be for Techno Clubs. They have a lot of choices that are not just dedicated to Techno music, but they regularly host DJ nights with a playlist heavily inspired by the genre. You will be experiencing an atmosphere similar to the ones in international cities like Dubai and Amsterdam. The service at all of the venues listed here is unmatched. Everyone will serve you with a smile, from the bouncer to the bartender. Do not worry about waiting for your turn at the bar. Even a few clubs cater to students and offer discounts or drink coupons to encourage more of them to party. The best thing about Virginia Beach is that it is a beach town, so it is the perfect setting for a party. You can lose yourself to the large crowd at Chemistry or find yourself in a dimly lit lounge-like The Bunker for a romantic date night with your partner. The DJs are always mixing it up and dropping new mixes, so these are the types of venues you can visit multiple times a week without getting bored. 

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