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A nightclub lit with neon lights, the DJ playing one fresh remix after the next, and the crowd going wild on the dance floor. These are some of the familiar sights you will get to see in a House club in Virginia Beach. People come here for the unmissable parties they throw around the holidays and during summers. You will be surrounded by the best people in the city and get to meet some fantastic people. There are a lot of genres you can hear at these clubs, but they heavily feature House music and regularly invite DJs dedicated to it. You can bring a group of friends or a date to any venue and expect them to have fun. We have included places in the list with a laidback intimate interior and those known for their crowded dance floors and elegant atmosphere. Some of these clubs are classy joints, so make sure you check their dress code before making any plans. Continue reading to find out more about each venue and what you can expect to see there. You will find all the information you will need before you go out.

Central 111 Virginia Beach

Central 111 Virginia Beach

Do you want to experience something new and different? Then consider Central 111, a modern nightclub located on the Great Neck Road in Virginia Beach. The theme of this establishment is inspired by South Beach Miami style, and you can expect them to serve tapas and have a lively crowd. Central 111 doubles as a restaurant so you can have a full steak dinner before you hit the dance floor. It is a large and versatile venue, so it is the best place for Lemon Pepper Chicken and dancing to the latest techno beats.

RY Lounge Virginia Beach

RY Lounge Virginia Beach

One alluring establishment that has all the Virginia Beach charm is RY Lounge. It is located on the oceanfront and offers an excellent atmosphere for whoever wants to have a fun night out. The nightclub has a wide selection of drinks available and special cocktails on the menu. You can even order bottle service here and expect to see some friendly faces, especially the staff. RY Lounge is a place where you can relax and let your hair down. There is usually something exciting happening here on the weekends, so keep it on your list of places to visit.

Upscale Restaurant and Lounge Virginia Beach

Upscale Restaurant and Lounge Virginia Beach

Right on College Park Square is the Upscale Restaurant and Lounge, one of the classiest establishments in the area. It is a place where each weekend night is a special occasion, and the best part is that in their books, the weekend starts on Thursday. They have a unique selection of music and drinks for each one of their carefully planned nights. You will be entertained by the loud beats of hip-hop, techno, EDM and pop at this venue. They have a wide selection of beers, wines, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages to keep everyone hydrated and buzzed all night long.

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You need to go to clubs if you want a guaranteed good time, and the ones we have on our list are included. These are where all the young people congregate, especially when there is a significant milestone in their lives. You can book a private booth or table at any of these, and we have added their contact information and booking details. You will not be bored at any club because visual displays on screens and lighting shows will blow you away. We have included the biggest venues in Virginia Beach, too, so they live up to your expectations. It might be a small town, but they have big aspirations and will not disappoint when it comes to the party scene. You can attend a fantastic House night at RY Lounge and listen to renowned DJs playing their mixes. You could even be sitting at the bar at Central 111 and find yourself enjoying the new beats of the week when someone asks you to dance. Anything is possible at whatever venue you choose, and you will find yourself wanting to go back for more.

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