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Clubbing is not all about loud raves and crowded dance floors. It can be a classy experience as long as you are in the right place. If you like dressing up, having drinks, and dancing with your close friends, then you need to check out some of the VIP clubs in Virginia Beach. These places are private and only allow people who are up to their standards. Make sure you are dressed to impress when you turn up at their door. You will know you have stepped into a sophisticated place because of the plush interior and luxurious seats. The music played here is a mix of the top charts and the old classics. You can order drinks at the bar or get bottle service and party it up. These venues are places where people go for special occasions, so there might be a lot of bachelors, bachelorettes, or recent college graduates enjoying their moment. Virginia Beach may be a small town, but they know how to live life like they are in the big leagues. Go through our list and find a club where you can see yourself spending your night off.

Peabody’s Virginia Beach

If you are visiting Virginia Beach and want to explore the local nightlife, Peabody’s is a great place to start. The nightclub is located a stone’s throw from all the oceanfront hotels, so it is always filled with tourists. This venue has been serving the local population since 1967 and is known for its happening dance floor. You will always find a party happening at Peabody’s, and the DJ will be keeping the atmosphere lively all night long. The club opens up early, so it is also a great place for happy hour, and you can expect those people to stay for the music.

Sky Bar Virginia Beach

Sky Bar is an exclusive club located on the 21st floor of the Hilton Hotel. It has some of the most spectacular views in Virginia Beach and is only accessible to members and guests. If you are lucky enough to be invited there, you can access the private rooftop during the summer months and sip drinks while you take in the surrounding splendour. The DJ spins his specifically curated playlist every Wednesday to fuel the party. Sky Bar also regularly hosts many after-parties after game events, concerts or any other fancy celebration. They even have a tradition of hosting a Full Moon party when the weather allows it.

Upscale Restaurant and Lounge Virginia Beach

Right on College Park Square is the Upscale Restaurant and Lounge, one of the classiest establishments in the area. It is a place where each weekend night is a special occasion, and the best part is that in their books, the weekend starts on Thursday. They have a unique selection of music and drinks for each one of their carefully planned nights. You will be entertained by the loud beats of hip-hop, techno, EDM and pop at this venue. They have a wide selection of beers, wines, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages to keep everyone hydrated and buzzed all night long.


We have included some of the best nightclubs in Virginia Beach on this list. You can find yourself in an exclusive venue surrounded by the cream of the crop. Many of the venues are intimate, and you can take a date here if you want to impress them. We have used a long list of criteria, including service, interior, music, crowd, and ambiance, to create the ultimate list for you. Each club is rated based on these factors and then evaluated overall, so you can trust our guides to be completely reliable. It is a different experience dancing at a VIP club, but it is fun all the same. You can sip on delicious drinks and lounge on the seats when you are tired of dancing. If you are planning on getting dressed in your best suit and hoping to meet someone to dance with at the bar, then try Peabody’s. Upscale Restaurant and Lounge is their best bet for those who are in the mood to have an elaborate dinner date with their significant other and then burn the calories off on the dancefloor. Whichever venue you choose, we know you will be keeping the memories of that night with you forever.

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