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Latin music is the most exciting form of entertainment, especially if you like dancing with a partner. There is nothing better than letting the drum beat carry you away as you step and slide. Virginia Beach is no stranger to the genre, and they have many venues that regularly host Salsa or Tango nights. These are the types of places where you can expect to have a great time and take dance lessons too. The people at Latin clubs are enthusiastic about their job, and they like to keep the energy up. The security detail will welcome you with a smile while the bartenders serve you your drinks of choice. They will encourage you to join others on the dance floor and provide you with the pep talk you need to get on your feet. Dancefloors at these establishments are big enough to accommodate even the most boisterous couples. They have a cooling-off area for when you need a break from all the dancing. The lounge areas are built with comfortable seats so you can rest your feet and celebrate with a drink. Please keep reading to find out which Latin clubs we have shortlisted for you and make sure you have your dancing shoes polished and ready to go.

Omega Bar Virginia Beach

Omega Bar Virginia Beach

If you are in the mood to turn up the heat, then head on over to Omega Bar. It is one of the best nightclubs in the city for salsa dancing and Latin music. Sitting on Diamond Springs Road, the venue is known for its wide variety of cocktails, tapas and every other popular alcoholic beverage. The staff at Omega Bar is very courteous, and they make everyone feel welcome with their service. It is the place to be on a weekend night when you want to dance away all the stress from the week.

Central 111 Virginia Beach

Central 111 Virginia Beach

Do you want to experience something new and different? Then consider Central 111, a modern nightclub located on the Great Neck Road in Virginia Beach. The theme of this establishment is inspired by South Beach Miami style, and you can expect them to serve tapas and have a lively crowd. Central 111 doubles as a restaurant so you can have a full steak dinner before you hit the dance floor. It is a large and versatile venue, so it is the best place for Lemon Pepper Chicken and dancing to the latest techno beats.

RY Lounge Virginia Beach

RY Lounge Virginia Beach

One alluring establishment that has all the Virginia Beach charm is RY Lounge. It is located on the oceanfront and offers an excellent atmosphere for whoever wants to have a fun night out. The nightclub has a wide selection of drinks available and special cocktails on the menu. You can even order bottle service here and expect to see some friendly faces, especially the staff. RY Lounge is a place where you can relax and let your hair down. There is usually something exciting happening here on the weekends, so keep it on your list of places to visit.

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It was tough for us to narrow down the list of Latin clubs for you, but we did it. It might come as a surprise to you, but Latin music is trendy in Virginia Beach. These are top-rated venues according to the locals of this beach town and people passing through. It would be best if you got to see all kinds of people here because no one can say no to a good Latin playlist. Most of the clubs are near the beach, so you can cool off and take a walk along the shore. The nightlife in this city is much more than just night swimming, and you can burn off calories on the dancefloor too. The spaces are designed in such a way that anyone who comes in will not want to leave. You might be sipping on a delicious cocktail at the Omega Bar and hear your favorite Ricky Martin song come on and find yourself dancing next to some friendly faces. You could also be attending a rave at Central 111 where they play nothing but the top Latin charts and feel your legs sore but your brain happy the next day. Virginia Beach has everything to offer!

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