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Vendetta Nightclub Brisbane, Guide & Review

Greetings Goth! Are you searching for a darker place in your town? Looking for someplace to feel free to express yourself without being called weird? Wanna meet some more people like you? Well, worry not, Brisbane has much more than just strip clubs and restaurants! Located in Queensland is this haunted nightclub perfectly suited for darklings! Join this club and feel at home. Meet more people like yourself and party to the metal!

The Interior is all dark, intimate, and gothic with red, green lighting, seating arrangement, and a bar serving blooded cocktails to keep you pumped throughout the night. DJs spin darker tunes from metal, the ’80s, EBM to rock and alternative!
This gothic venue features Bloodlust ball, Villains party, Brisbane Gothic and alternative picnic party, and many other dark events, where everyone is dressed black or red with smoking makeup and fierce look. Prizes are also rewarded for the best attire. Dress to impress!

People come here to express themselves without fear of being judged. Seek your beauty in darkness while the world grows more afraid! Being different doesn’t make you unworthy of having fun! This is the place where all that matters is your dressing; gloomy attire is preferred. This club does not follow any discriminatory norms, women, transgender, gays, polyamorous every kind of people are treated equally as long as you dress dingy even if you are not a goth! It is just to make others feel more welcoming, following a uni dress code, and to experience the utmost night of your life! So shake a leg, dress up, and dance to the haunted tunes!

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