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Amnesia Ibiza, Guide & Review

Want to have some bizarre, exceptional, and freakish night experience? Then Amnesia is a must-visit club on your bucket list. A club that makes the quintessence of Ibiza’s history. The club where the most paramount artists, DJs, and musicians show up more often than not, where the most avant-garde parties take place regularly. Amnesia is a trademark that for years is synonymous with never-ending nights of state-of-the-art, wild parties for all types of music and dance fanatics.

Amnesia is arguably the most essential of the island’s clubbing experience. It has been the backdrop of the Ibiza’s most unforgettable and indelible clubbing moments. With two huge and monumental rooms, Amnesia is successfully operating for decades. The main Club Room, is a cavernous cauldron and dark, while the Terrace is an all-embracing, expansive and interdisciplinary arena with a crystal roof, which floods with light as the sun rises. Both the rooms are guarded by the most notorious and celebrated Amnesia ice cannons that can strike at any time.

Being extremely electric and charged in its programming, the club covers all the best of the house, bass, techno, and Latin. Even some live shows are happened from time to time. Elrow and Music On are the most cherished parties of Amnesia. Elrow – The feast of craziness par excellence, which conquers clubs and festivals inside the walls of Amnesia every Saturday. Music On – Amnesia receives the best DJs of international fame in its DJ booth every Friday. Like all the A1 clubs, Amnesia’s dazzling dance floors get extremely occupied and are famous for fantastic communal moments with all hands in the air. There are some VIP areas in the upper levels which provide an incredible view of the party and revelry below.

You must be sorry if you have never made it see Amnesia. Take my words, you are never going to be repentant once you visit it.

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